A divorce bomb that no one expected: the fate of a married couple was sealed by the pandemic

A divorce bomb that no one expected: the fate of a married couple was sealed by the pandemic
A divorce bomb that no one expected: the fate of a married couple was sealed by the pandemic

Just months ago when they Hugh Jackman and Deborra Lee-Furness celebrated the 27th anniversary of his love, the Australian star sang about the depth of his feelings for his beloved. He spoke of their marriage as being as natural as breathing. But even though the long-time lovers never hid their feelings, but rather hung them on a big bell, something quietly began to creak between them and finally it burst. “We have been blessed with almost three decades of a wonderful, loving marriage. But our journey is changing now and we have decided to part ways and devote ourselves to individual growth,” they dropped the divorce bomb that no one expected.

They adopted 2 children in marriage.

Their story began way back in 1995 on the set of the Corelli series. Deborra was already a recognized actress at the time, and Hugh was still a green boy, almost straight out of drama school. And to make the difference between them even more obvious, there was a 13-year age gap between them. But none of that mattered, Hugh and Deb they immediately felt an incredible connection, which led them to the altar just 11 months later. Although they encountered a minor obstacle before, Deborah was a bit bothered by the fact that she is more than a decade older than her chosen one, so she did not even allow herself to think about a future together. “Then she broke up with me, but only briefly. But I knew with 100% certainty that she was the one,” said the Australian star.

One of Hollywood’s strongest couples is getting a divorce. PHOTO: Guglielmo Mangiapane/Reuters

Neither the age difference nor the rumors about the actor’s (hidden) same-sex orientation, which have been pursuing them for more than a decade, were the foundations of their love. But the fate of the married couple was finally sealed by the pandemic. At least that’s what the source claims, saying that in recent years their love slowly started to turn into just friendship, and the last nail in the coffin of their marriage was then driven by pandemic isolation. “That’s when their marriage finally broke down. They tried to save the relationship, but without success,” he said, adding that even the stress and pressure of the current strike of the actors’ and screenwriters’ guild did not help everything. “They admitted to each other that the magic that had taken over them from the beginning is no longer there. They decided that it would be best for them to separate.”

To the casual observer, they gave the impression of a perfect couple. But the most ardent fans, who closely follow their every step, might already have sensed at the beginning of the year that not everything is perfect in their family idyll. In January, they put their house on the real estate market for rent, which they previously talked about as their dream home. They spent six long years renovating it, supposedly fulfilling their life’s dream with it, and then they were ready to give it up suddenly and just like that.

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