Rok Kronaveter: The coach wanted me, the sports director didn’t” (VIDEO)

Rok Kronaveter: The coach wanted me, the sports director didn’t” (VIDEO)
Rok Kronaveter: The coach wanted me, the sports director didn’t” (VIDEO)

Another weekend full of events in the First Telemach League is behind us, and we draw the line under them in our regular football show Pod prečko. We invited a young man, who is knocking on the door of the Slovenian national team with good performances in a Celja shirt, and one of the most successful individuals in the history of the Slovenian national championship, who left NK Maribor through the side door last year.

They met in the Sportklub studio in the 4th episode of the 3rd season of Pod prečko Mihi Penku and Dejan Obrez joined Rok Kronveter and Mark Zabukovnik.

After last season, Kronaveter waved goodbye to the First Telemach League, in which he won three championship titles with Olimpija and Maribor, and played a total of 336 matches and scored 106 goals. Zabukovnik is a rising football star of Celje and a footballer for whom he is the Slovenian coach Matjaž Kek openly admitted that it is on his broader list of the Slovenian national team.

Protagonists in the studio found that Mura would even be in second place in the Telemach First League standings if only the results of the first halves were counted. Rok Kronveter confirmed that it was always very difficult for him to play at Fazanerija, so he does not understand why the “charno-bejli” won a meager point there this year.

Zabukovnik became attached to the good performances of his former club. The last midfielder of Celja said that the club from central Slovenia gave him a lot and that he regularly follows their matches.

He will have to face them in the next game. “I’ve gotten used to playing in Celje, so I’m taking the next match (note: Celje is playing against Radomljan) like any other,” said the youth Slovenian national team player.

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In the show, we also focus on what is happening in NK Maribor, where these days they are parting ways with the giants of Slovenian football Josip Iličić.

Rok Kronveter he said that his departure from Ljudski was due to different visions Damir Krznar and Mark Šuler: “After such a football career, I would like more respect. I got a bad feeling after the last game of the previous season. If the head of the professional staff and the sports director do not agree, then this says something about the poor functioning of the club.”

The man from Ptuj, who also wore the jersey of the national team for a while, also commented on what happened in Saturday’s match between Olimpija and Maribor. We also reminded him of the cup final last season, when he took the penalty instead Marko Tolic: “You don’t do something like this in a match like this.”

He confirmed that there is no doubt who he is rooting for in the eternal derbies. Logically, the Styrian did not let the Viola fan group down:

Both derbies of this weekend, the eternal one and the one between Celje and Koper, will be analyzed in detail with the help of an analyst of the Slovenian national teams Dejan Kopasić. We will comment on the referee’s decisions again with help Damir Skomina.

The show served up a bunch of interesting conversations and an overview of the wonderful masterpieces created by artists on the greens of the First Telemach League last weekend. A record number of hits are falling on them this year. Not even the Fantasy section was missing.

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