Parliament at an extraordinary session on SDS recommendations for better pensions


At today’s extraordinary session, convened at the request of SDS, the DZ will consider the situation of pensioners and the proposed recommendations, which were not supported by the DZ labor committee on Thursday. According to them, the government would, for example, agree to a 3.5% extraordinary adjustment of pensions for all and to an additional 1% adjustment for retirees up to and including 2011.

In accordance with the recommendations, the government would also prepare a legislative proposal by June 30, which would be the basis for raising all pensions, especially those up to 1,500 euros. In addition, by July 1, it is expected to abolish the statutory condition for the child care allowance, according to which a declaration of the child’s assets is mandatory. This statement confirms that the child cannot support the parents. At the same time, it would prepare changes by the same date, according to which widow’s pensions will be paid at least in the amount of the guaranteed pension.

Preparation of the pension reform in social dialogue

State Secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Igor Feketija explained on Thursday that the pension reform will be prepared in a social dialogue, and, according to him, each solution will have to be carefully considered. According to him, the matters that need to be settled are not unambiguous.

Regarding the request related to widow’s pensions, he reminded that the government prepared a proposal for an amendment to the Pension Act on Thursday. Such a solution is already included in it. It is introducing a guaranteed widow’s pension, which will be as much as the guaranteed pension for 40 years of service, i.e. 700 euros from November this year, he explained.


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