Boston narrows the gap in victories, Miami under increasing pressure

Derrick White had his night. In 37 minutes, he collected 24 points, shot 8/11 from the field (6/8 for three) and became the best scorer of the game. Photo: Reuters

If after the opening three games of the series Boston fans had already given up, so to speak, now they are certainly in a better mood and have already begun to hope for an incredible turnaround. No team in the history of the NBA League has yet managed to reach the finals after a 3-0 deficit, judging by the course of the last games, it might even happen this year, but the next game in Miami will be crucial.

Jimmy Butler was stopped by the Bostonians with a great defense. He averaged 26 points in the opening three games of the series, and 21.5 in the last two. His worst shooting performance came on Friday night, when he scored just 14 points. Photo: Reuters

The hosts in TD Garden found the key to success in an excellent defensive game, with which they forced the basketball players from Florida into 16 turnovers, of which they converted as many as 27 points. The first five was played like not for a long time, four basketball players finished the match with more than 20 points, the first name of the meeting was Derrick Whitehe collected 24 of them.

Miami’s first star Jimmy Butler did not do well on the court, this time he collected a modest 14 points for him, four less than the first scorer Duncan Robinson, who started the match from the bench. Game 6 of the conference finals is scheduled for Sunday night.

There was no doubt about the winner this time. Miami kept in touch with the Bostonians only in the opening minutes, the result was finally tied at 4:4, and then the protégés Joe Mazzulla with a partial score of 19:3 and held a double-digit advantage until the end of the match. This was the highest ten minutes before the end, when it Jayson Tatum with the second free throw he scored +24 (96:72).

“We were pushed into a corner with our backs. We didn’t think we’d be 3-0 down, but when it happened you could see the test of our team. When we fell into a deep deficit, we didn’t got confused and went our separate ways, we stayed together” he said after the match Jaylen Brownwho contributed 21 points to the victory of the green and whites.

Highlights of Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals between the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat

NBA playoffs

East, final, fifth game:
BOSTON (2) – MIAMI (8) 2:3
110:97 (35:20, 26:24, 29:28, 20:25)
White 24 (8/11 from the field, 6/11 from three), Smart 23 (4/6 from three), Brown (3/5 from three) and Tatum 8/16 from the field, 1/6 from three, 11 assists and 8 rebounds) 21 each, Horford (11 rebounds), G. Williams and R. Williams 6 each, Hauser 3; Robinson 18 (7/10 from the field, 2/3 from three), Adebayo 16 (8/15 from the field) and 8 rebounds, Highsmith 15 (3/4 from three), Butler (5/10 from the field, 0/2 for three) and Martin each 14, Love 6, Lowry 5,
Zeller 4, Strus 3, Yurtseven 2.

In bold is the result in wins. They play for four wins according to the 2-2-1-1-1 system.

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