Aluminij’s big step towards returning to the first league

Aluminij’s big step towards returning to the first league
Aluminij’s big step towards returning to the first league

Aluminij players beat Gorica 3:1 (1:1) in the first match of the qualification for the Telemach First League.

* Sports park, referees: Vinčić, Klančnik, Kovačić.
* Scorers: 1:0 Brest (7th), 1:1 Krajnc (19th), 2:1 Marinšek (57th, 11th), 3:1 Skiba (78th).
* Kidričevo: Banić, Brest (from 88. Grajfoner), Crnčec (from 46. Gorenak), Jagić (from 93. Čavara), Jovan, Koblar, Marinšek (from 81. Munić), Martić, Schaubach, Skiba, Šturm.
* Gorica: Likar, Ankrah, Juncaj (from 65. Baruca), Karrica (from 75. Iličić), Kolobarić, Krajnc, Mevlja, Mlakar, Petrović (from 64. Petrović), Selimović (from 82. Marinič), Velikonja (from 65. Snoring).
* Yellow cards: Brest, Marinšek; Krajnc, Selimović.
* Red card: /

Aluminij players took a big step towards returning to the Telemach First League. They won the first qualifying match against the penultimate team of the first league, Gorica, with a score of 3:1.

The return match will take place on Sunday, May 28 at 5:30 p.m. in Nova Gorica, and the winner of the aggregate of two games with the away goal rule will be part of the ten-member Telemach First League next season.

The people of Kidrica, who had the help of a full stand in the sports park, opened the game perfectly. In the seventh minute, they took advantage of the indecisiveness of the Gorica defense, Marko Brest got hold of the ball, shot from the edge of the penalty area, and goalkeeper Uroš Likar dropped the ball between his legs into the net.

After the conceded goal, Gorica took the initiative and equalized the result ten minutes later. Alen Krajnc, from twelve meters away, measured so accurately that the home goalkeeper Tibor Banić had no chance.

Although the visitors were more enterprising in the rest, Alen Krajnc was dangerous at the end of the first half, and Bernard Karrica at the beginning of the second half, the home team scored for 2:1.

Vahid Selimović clumsily, quite comically, knocked down Marko Brest in the penalty area, so the referee Slavko Vinčić had to point to the white spot. Home captain Nik Marinšek was a reliable executor of the harshest penalty.

Selimović was also involved in Aluminij’s third goal in the 78th minute. Daniel Skiba got to the ball, Selimović allowed him to bring it to the penalty area and let it pass the goalkeeper Likar on the ground.

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