The ‘bromance’ between Bojan and the Finnish representative captivated the internet


Anyone who followed Eurovision and its events behind the scenes during the past week, no doubt also came across posts on various social networks that showed the genuine friendship that developed between the vocalist of our representatives Bojan Cvjetićanin and the Finnish representative Kääri. What so enthralled the internet that almost every second or third post under the hashtag eurovision was related to this friendship?

Our representatives, the guys of the group Joker Outand the Finnish representative Käärijaaccording to the media representative of our boys, they met in Amsterdam just over three weeks ago, when Bojan sang an infectious song to Fincu on the bus Cha Cha Cha. From here on, the relationship between Bojan and the Finnish representative is just history. A beautiful and sincere friendship blossomed between the two musicians. They seem to have become best friends in no time, and social media is bursting at the seams with posts of their reunion.

Bojan Cvjetićanin and KäärijaPHOTO: Instagram

‘Bromance’ is an English term for a sincere friendship between two men. The word is a coinage of the words ‘bro’ (short for ‘brother’, which means brother) and the word ‘romance’.

‘Better than the original!’

Bojan and our ‘Jokers’ tried to meet as many people as possible during their Eurovision experience and introduce them to their work and our country. Not only were they recognized, the Jokers won over everyone who came by with their likability and infectious relaxedness. Well, the ‘bromance’ between Bojan and Kääri sprouted on the bus during the tour in Amsterdam. Bojan sang his song to the Finnish representative, even though the song is presented in Finnish. Käärijä couldn’t hide his excitement and after Bojan’s ‘performance’ was over, he happily shouted: “Better than the original!”

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But Bojan also made sure that he taught his Finn friend a Slovenian song.

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Support even before the semi-final: cheering for each other

They proved that they really became true friends in many official interviews, where journalists from other European countries asked them who they were rooting for. Käärijä always said without hesitation that he was rooting for Slovenia and the Joker Out guys, and Bojan also always said without hesitation that one of his favorite performances was the performance of the bouncy Finn.

During the second semi-final, when our country was represented by Joker Out, a video appeared on social networks, especially on Tik Tok, showing Käärijä enthusiastically following Slovenia’s performance. Many would even say that he is staring in love at the television screen.

KaariaPHOTO: TikTok

Bojan’s task after the final: comfort Käärij

After the end of Eurovision, Bojan said that they themselves expected a higher ranking, and he also touched on the eternal controversy of relations between neighbors and the awarding of points between neighbors. But the most important thing that awaited him after the final? To comfort your Eurovision best friend who landed in second place after a close fight. The Internet was flooded with a photo of their hug after the end of the competition, and later videos where it is more than obvious that Bojan wanted to put Finca in a better mood. Over his pink shirt he put on the green costume in which Käärijä performed. The Finnish representative was considered the favorite next to the Swedish winner Loreen, so many people believed in his victory. He himself believed in victory, as he said in one of his conversations with Bojan.

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Tik Tok profile only for their ‘bromance’

For all readers who, like many Eurovision viewers, are excited about their friendship, a profile has appeared on Tik Tok (@escontest23), which only published content related to their photos and cute videos. Is their friendship also the basis for further cooperation? Will the Slovenian and Finnish representatives of Eurovision 2023 ever collaborate musically? For once, this is not clear yet, but we are sure that this friendship will continue to develop and that it will certainly bear musical fruit as well.

‘If they are a reflection of what Slovenians are like, then I definitely want to visit Slovenia’

On the official Tik Tok profile of Eurovision, they published a video where the performers were asked which of the countries they would like to visit now that they are part of the Eurovision circuit. The most common answer? Slovenia! Thanks to our representatives, almost everyone got excited about our country. “If they are a reflection of how friendly Slovenians are, I definitely want to go to Slovenia!” said the representative of Belgium.

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