A polka and a waltz in one song

A polka and a waltz in one song
A polka and a waltz in one song

Over the years, the Posavska revelers have played a lot at various celebrations and anniversaries, among which the 50th anniversary celebrations, i.e. Abraham’s and Abraham’s women, dominated. This year, the 50th birthday was also celebrated by the accordion player’s parents and the ensemble leader Anje BorovinšekHelena and Boris Borovinšek. “That’s why we decided to thank the Posavska vesljakas for all their effort and support in creating music, to give them something in the form of music. The idea arose of an adaptation of the well-known waltz by Ensemble bratov Poljanšek – Oba sva abrahama, which was authored by Rudi Poljanšek and Ivan Sivec, who wrote the lyrics. But since they say that life turns upside down after a visit to Abraham, we replaced the gentle waltz with a raucous polka, and so in the second part we arranged the Henčkov Polka – Henčkov Abraham, which they created Berti Rodošek and Slavko Podboj. Thus, one adaptation was created from two hits,” the Posavski veseljaki tell us. The project was therefore co-created by a bunch of musical friends, each of whom had a specific role: Anja Borovinšek plays the accordion, guitar Dejan Novakbass guitar Aleksander Hočevarbaritone Bernard Fevžerbut they sing Jernej Cvek, Gregor Gramc and Jernej Kolar.

The leader of the ensemble is accordionist Anja Borovinšek.

Of course, they also recorded a video for the song, which was composed of two songs, the script for which was written by Anja Borovinšek. It was filmed at the idyllic Rajhenburg castle in the municipality of Krško and in a brick house in Bučerca. Relatives and friends of the Borovinšek family acted in the video, which added an even more personal touch to the video image of the song. The Posava revelers naturally want a piece of their story to reach everyone, including those who have already or will meet the round, golden jubilee – Abraham.

Otherwise, the Posavski veseljaki ensemble, as the name suggests, comes from Posavje, more specifically from Koprivnica, Brestanica, Rovišče pri Studenac and Kozje. Three years ago, they sent two songs to listeners, both polkas. One is Pjte modro (frankinja), and the other is bouncy, titled Za hec.

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