This song is part of his story


Andrej Jerman | (photo: Rok Mihevc)
20/11/2023, 10:23

Maja Morela

Rok Mihevc

Our radio colleagues performed again at this year’s Gala concert. Also Andrej Jerman with the song Ko dvijneš me, which, as he says, has become a part of him. “Obviously the song is part of my story.”

Standing on the stage of the Gallus Hall of Cankarjev dom is always a privilege for him. “When you are accompanied by such a large orchestra and a choir, it is something special, a great honor. But sometimes I’m still surprised when I realize that over the years I’ve gotten a little used to this stage.”

When you meet these people, you see how much your work means to them.

At the concert at 3 p.m., we become one big family, as most of the visitors are our loyal listeners. Friendship means a lot to Andrej, but it can quickly happen that we push them into a corner, he says. “Friendship with listeners can be quickly forgotten on the radio, because each of us is in our own work process, which is not necessarily directly connected to them. That’s why it’s great to go out into the field with our colleagues to visit our friends and thus maintain genuine contact with them, not just through radio waves. When you meet these people, you see how much your work means to them. It is very nice to feel that, and we are even more happy then to create content that makes people’s lives more beautiful and richer.”

Andrej Jerman

© Rok Mihevc

Andrej Jerman
Andrej Jerman

© Rok Mihevc

The composition he sang is also richer and more beautiful, also uplifting. “There were a lot of uplifting songs tonight, but “When you lift me up” is a song suitable for many occasions, both for a celebration and a more difficult test.”

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