The singer of the band Rammstein was accused of abuse and assault by a concert participant


The Irish woman Shelby Lynn, who was among the listeners of the German band Rammstein’s concert in Lithuania, accuses the group’s singer Till Lindemann of abuse, stunning and assault. The group denies the allegations.

The “Europa Stadion Tour” of the German band Rammstein started on May 22nd with a concert in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. Among the listeners was an Irish woman Shelby Lynnwrites the German media Focus.

According to her statements on social media, Shelby Lynn was chosen by a member of the band’s staff to stand in a separate area in front of the stage with other young women. Here they were photographed and promised access to parties at the concert. A singer Till Lindemann he then mingled among the women and offered them tequila.

Shelby Lynn describes on Instagram that during a concert break, she was taken backstage, where the sexual acts with Lindemann allegedly took place. When she rejected him, the singer reacted with aggression.

According to her own statements, the Irish woman woke up the next morning with many bruises and bruises all over her body. She also said she experienced symptoms such as tachycardia (increased heart rate), chills and nausea. He can only remember bits and pieces of what happened, he claims. Lynn is also convinced that she was stunned.

Rammstein responded to the allegations on Twitter on Monday, saying: “Based on the allegations circulating online about Vilnius, we can rule out that what is being claimed happened in our area. We are not aware of any official investigations into to this matter.”


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