The legendary Slovenian actor will be buried with military honors

The legendary Slovenian actor will be buried with military honors
The legendary Slovenian actor will be buried with military honors

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia decided at a correspondence meeting that for the deceased Radka Poliča arranges a funeral with military honors. The funeral of the deceased will be organized in accordance with the Rules of Service in the Slovenian Army.

One of the greatest Slovenian and film actors died on September 15 at the age of 80.

Radko Polič was born during World War II in Črnomlje. He graduated from AGRFT in 1965 in drama and artistic speech. In his creative opus, which was interrupted by death in the middle of creation, he created over a hundred theater, over fifty film and dozens of radio roles. Radko Polič – Rac left an indelible mark on theater in Slovenia. The list of his roles, for which he will remain in the memory of the audience and listeners, is really long and priceless. Rac was also one of the most respected film actors both in Slovenia and in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. He was a long-time member of the ensemble of the Slovenian National Drama Theater Ljubljana and one of the pillars of Slovenian dramatic art. His life and creative path wound between his native Črnomlje, Ljubljana, Belgrade and Berlin.

In 2007, Radko Polič – Rac received the Prešeren Award, the highest award of the Republic of Slovenia for artistic achievements, for his outstanding acting achievements. Radko Polič – Rac left a distinctive mark on the Slovenian theater with his many superb portrayals, from Baltasar to Hieng’s Conqueror to Jerman v of the Cankars Servants, from of Sophocles Oedipus to George v The Albees plays Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf.

A champion among champions

With his life and work, Rac is synonymous with Slovenian theater and film. He is the undisputed champion among champions, whose championship is recognized by both experts and the general public.

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