Cameron Diaz on getting back in front of the cameras: It’s like she’s never stopped

Cameron Diaz on getting back in front of the cameras: It’s like she’s never stopped
Cameron Diaz on getting back in front of the cameras: It’s like she’s never stopped

It’s been eight years since Cameron Diaz decided to retire from acting. The star decided in 2014, after making a film called Annie, that this was her last film project, but now the time has come when she stepped in front of the cameras again, and she will star in the comedy Back in Action with Jamie Foxx.

Cameron Diaz confirmed at the end of June that she is returning in front of the film cameras, where she will star in a comedy titled Back in Actionfor which he is on the show The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon she said it couldn’t have had a more appropriate title. The 50-year-old actress will thus return to action after eight years and return from her announced retirement.

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“I asked them what the title of the movie would be, and they said Back in Action. I immediately felt very connected to this character,” said the actress, confirming that she feels nervous and excited at the same time before her next venture. “It’s like riding a bike. I’ve been doing it for so long and it’s a process that I’m right back into. Despite everything, it feels different this time,” she added.

The 50-year-old worked with a friend and co-star in her last film before retiring Jamie Foxx, with whom he also works in the upcoming film. As she added, this is exactly what helps her return more easily: “The last film I was in was Annie, and I starred in it with Jamie. My new film will be with him as well. He’s really lovely, easy to work with, professional and very talented. It’s going to be fun again to work with him.”


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It is he who is responsible for the fact that the star was ready to return to the cameras again. Foxx is in June in a post on Twitter shared an audio recording of a phone conversation between him, the 49-year-old actress and the American football star Tom Bradywho retired this year, then decided to join the team after 40 days Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the conversation, he says that he just spoke with Jamie, who hinted that he needed some advice on how to successfully bring Cameron back from retirement. “Honestly, that’s exactly what I needed,” Diaz replied.

The stars who will appear in the main roles of the film Back in Action, have not revealed any details about the film, but the title reveals that both will be in an ‘action’ mood for the film. This will be the actress’ first role in an action film since her 2010 film debut Like night and daywhere she starred alongside Tom Cruise.


Cameron Diaz returns to the screens after eight years

Diaz, 50, decided to retire from acting to focus on other opportunities, such as writing books and promoting her own wine brand. She married musician Benji Madden in 2015, and four years later they welcomed daughter Raddix. The star later revealed in one of the interviews that she wanted a more independent life.

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