Woody Allen announced his retirement from the world of film

Woody Allen announced his retirement from the world of film
Woody Allen announced his retirement from the world of film

The American film director Woody Allen is currently working on his 50th feature film entitled Wasp 22. But as he announced, he plans to retire from the world of film after that and devote himself to writing.

Woody Allen will be according to the web portal indiewire.com shooting a movie in Paris next month. But he is an 86-year-old director in an interview for a Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia revealed that the thriller, which will be shot entirely in French, will be his last.

About the movie Wasp 22 few details are known. Allen compared it to a movie The final blowwhich he recorded in 2005, and described it as “exciting, dramatic and also very dark”.

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The career of one of Hollywood’s most prolific directors was somewhat halted by the movement MeToo . Namely, old accusations that he sexually abused his seven-year-old adopted daughter in the 90s of the last century have been revived. The director is the first to point out the accusations made by his partner at the time Mia Farrow, refused all the time. He was also cleared of the charges following two separate investigations.

The director, who was turned down by some star actors, has been filming mainly in Europe in recent years. His romantic comedy Rifkin’s Festival opened a film festival in San Sebastian, Spain in 2020.


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Allen is, according to the web portal indiewire.com announced that he intends to devote himself to writing after his retirement from the world of film. He recently published his fifth collection of short prose, titled Zero Gravity and said that he is interested in writing a novel in the near future. In 2020, his memoirs with the title were published Apropos of Nothing. With both of them, he had problems finding publishers due to accusations of alleged sexual abuse.

As the website also writes, this is far from the first time that Allen has announced his retirement. In a recent conversation with Alec Baldwin said that the film industry no longer appeals to him due to the greater emphasis on streaming and shorter theatrical releases.


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“I’ll probably make at least one more film. A lot of the excitement is gone,” he said in an interview in June. “When I used to make a movie, it would go to theaters all over the country. Now you make a movie and you get a few weeks in a theater. Maybe six weeks or four, and then it goes straight to streaming or pay-per-view… It’s not the same… It’s not that interesting to me anymore.” he also said.

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