Filming has started in Piran, the locals have already noticed Mark Wahlberg

Filming of a high-budget film with Hollywood stars has begun in Piran. The most famous names are Mark Wahlberg and Halle Berry. According to some data, it is the largest foreign project of this kind in our country. The production team thus closed a large part of the punt, where they shoot action scenes for the film Our Man from Jersey or translated by Our Man from Jersey. The entire filming is shrouded in mystery, many people tried to catch a glimpse of what was happening, but they didn’t manage to see much because there are more security guards at the locations, but some lucky people managed to catch the stars while walking around Piran.

Our man from Jersey is a thriller that is supposed to have a lot of action scenes. The very ones that will be at the end of the film started filming in Piran on Monday. There was word about it in the city, but also with wrong information. “James Bond is there and I’m his friend,” was heard. However, the recording attracted a lot of interest. “It is a project that puts Piran back on the map of film destinations. We will have both economic and promotional effects from this,” he says about filming Rok Humar from the Municipality of Piran.

The action scenes of the film Our Man from Jersey will be filmed in Piran.PHOTO: Shutterstock

According to some information, it is the largest foreign project here, and the production team will leave about 10 million euros in Slovenia according to unofficial data. And many will receive this money, perhaps even taxi drivers. “They have their own transportation, but the producers called us, who promised to arrange something for us, who won’t be able to work during the recording, so that they would engage us. I hope so,” they say.

The main stars of the film are acting stars Mark Wahlberg and Halle Berry.PHOTO: AP

The main stars of the film are acting stars Halle Berry and Mark Wahlberg. “In a van, he went from the direction of Hotel Piran towards Punta. I waved at him, he waved back, we can say that he is friendly,” the local woman confided about the fleeting meeting with the actor. Even those who met him in Piran, where he often walked alone, said that he was happy to take pictures with them. But the filming will continue for another two weeks, and there will be more opportunities to catch a star in Piran, even where they may not be able to completely block their view. “It might be possible to see them in the main market, so we wait,” they are optimistic locals.

The production team will be in Piran until October 4.

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