Dokudoc: The Sarajevo Safari Award, “a film with malice you won’t forget”

For the first time, this title was also awarded to a short film that received it Grandma’s sex life directors Urška Djukić. The special mention of the jury goes to the film Reviewer 80 – Bullet, Meki directors Nike Author.

Sarajevo safari. Photo: Arsmedia

Sarajevo safari is, as we read in the rationale, “a movie with malice you won’t forget”. “You will feel the loss of people and you will hate that people can be so cruel. If we have forgotten how crazy war can be – this film will always remind us of that,” it is also written in the justification.

Grandma’s sex life. Photo: Personal archive

How midwives experienced their sexual life
The movie Grandma’s sex life it is “a very creative, witty and powerful film about how midwives experienced their sex life”. “It is interesting, with intelligent and witty animation and has a strong and focused ending,” the organizers of the Dokudoc festival also announced.

Because the mixing of cultures is the most common part of human life
They write about the award-winning work of Nike Autor that it is “the film about ‘guest workers’, workers who moved from Slovenia to the countries of Northern Europe after World War II in search of a better life, shows in an innovative and very personal way that Slovenians are a nation of migrants. It puts recipes for various ethnic dishes in the center stories and reveals that the mixing of cultures is the most normal part of human life.”

Reviewer 80 – Bullet, Meki. Photo: Kinodvor

Reviewer 80 – Bullet, Meki. Photo: Kinodvor

As in previous years, a documentary name plaque was awarded at the festival, which Nadja Velušček received this year. Award winner “she left a strong cultural mark in the Goriška region – in addition to directing experimental youth performances and radio broadcasts about film, she co-created the program of the cross-border organization Kinoatelje in cooperation with the Italian national television station RAI”it says in the justification.

The best films were judged by a jury that was formed Helle Hansen, Melita Zajc and Miha Černec.

The Dokudoc documentary film festival started on Thursday with the Slovenian premiere of the documentary film Summer of 91 directors Stamps of Virac.

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