Kate Winslet visited a hospital in Dubrovnik due to an injury on the set

These days, the Kupari seaside complex serves as a location for a film about photographer Lee Miller. This will be portrayed by Winslet, with Jude Law and Marion Cotillard joining her in front of the cameras. The star was injured during filming and sought help at a nearby hospital.

British actress, Oscar winner Kate Winslet, was forced to visit a hospital in Dubrovnik due to an injury on the set of the film. In the immediate vicinity of the tourist destination, she is shooting a film about an American photographer and photojournalist Elizabeth ‘Lee’ Miller. The old Grand Hotel is a ruin from 1991, and in the new film it serves as a backdrop for World War II scenes.

Kate Winslet visited a hospital in Dubrovnik due to her injuryPHOTO: Instagram story

According to the Dubrovnik Daily, the 46-year-old star arrived in front of the hospital in a black van, accompanied by quite a few people. According to unofficial information, the actress injured her leg, and the incident occurred during the filming of the biographical film. She first visited the emergency room, where she was admitted, then moved to the side hospital entrance.

Kate will portray a legendary American photographer in the film.PHOTO: AP

The star will work with her co-stars in front of the cameras in the film about the legendary war photographer who worked with Vogue magazine To Jews Law and Marion Cotillard.

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