Organ cinema with improvisations to the silent film Zora for 20 years of the Slovenian Organ Society

There are certainly plenty of reasons to celebrate; a group of Slovenian organists, pedagogues, and organ makers set several goals for themselves when they were founded, which they have achieved over the course of two decades. The main goal, as they wrote, is to highlight the fact that the organ is a supreme piece of art a musical instrumentwhich is still insufficient in Slovenia despite many years of effort present common behavior present.

Over the course of two decades, the members of the Slovenian Organ Society organized a number of conceptually diverse and innovative projects that enriched the Slovenian cultural space: the Slovenian Organ Cycle, the Slovenian Organ Day, the Review of Young Slovenian Organists, international organ schools and seminars became permanent projects, they actively and actively cooperated with the media and various institutions, parishes and also with international institutions or countries with a highly developed organ culture. The Slovenian Organ Society pays special attention to education and thus spreads knowledge and interest in organ art, and by organizing educational projects, it offers young people who decide to learn the organ an additional opportunity to improve their skills, perform in public and meet their peers. The members are the most active in the field of organ education, in the group which one they organize lectures, international seminars and study groups for organ teachers, they also pay special attention to the education of church organists and the preservation of the Slovenian organ heritage.

Photo: Slovenian Organ Society

They will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their existence in a very special way – with the Orgelski Kino, which will be held on the 17th. in September at 19:30 in the Marijana Kozina Hall in the Slovenian Philharmonic in Ljubljana. At the music-visual show, a French organist of the younger generation will perform with organ improvisations to the silent film Zora, the song of two people Baptiste-Florian MarlaOuvrard. The musician masters a diverse and wide repertoire, ranging from organ classics of various stylistic periods to transcriptions of symphonic works, and he pays a lot of attention to the art of improvisation – accompanying silent films with the organ is a special pleasure for him.

So if you are fans of silent film and the queen instrumentswhich this time will surely change into unusual sound colors and create special moods, don’t miss this special event tonight at the Slovenian Philharmonic!

Recordings of organ improvisations will be available on the 3rd. program Radio Slovenia – Program Ars in the show Visits of the Queen, namely 25. in September and October 2 at 6:30 p.m.

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Organ cinema
Slovenian Philharmonic
September 17 at 7:30 p.m

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