The mayor of Sarajevo announced criminal charges after the film Sarajevo Safari

“I will do everything that I think is right,” said the mayor of Sarajevo. After the premiere of the film Sarajevo Safari by Slovenian director Miran Zupanič, she announced that she would file criminal charges against unknown persons who allegedly paid for shooting civilians during the siege of Sarajevo. On the other hand, the mayor of East Sarajevo announced criminal charges against director Zupanič. He says that he has not yet received the criminal complaint. He described the efforts of the mayor of Sarajevo to initiate criminal charges against unknown persons as good news.

Benjamina Karić, mayor of SarajevoPHOTO: Enex

“We were all touched by the theme of the documentary film Sarajevo Safari, which talks about bounty hunters who were paid to shoot innocent civilians during the siege of Sarajevo,” wrote the mayor of Sarajevo Benjamina Karić. She announced that she will do whatever she thinks is right and file criminal charges against “to the unknown persons who sowed death in Sarajevo and their assistants”.

She added that she was additionally worried about the response Ljubiša Cosićthe mayor of East Sarajevo, which belongs to the Republika Srpska. “Instead of calling for said crimes to be investigated, he announced criminal charges against the director Miran Zupanič,” she emphasized.


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Ćosić called the director a completely crazy person

Ćosić announced the criminal charges against Zupanić on Tuesday. “These days I am starting consultations with lawyers and will file a criminal complaint against the Slovenian director Miran Zupanič for the disgusting lies and fabrications he packed into the film called Sarajevo Safari,” he said, according to the newspaper Voice of Serbia.

In doing so, he revealed that he himself had not seen the film. “Colleagues watched the film, but it is now, confirmed after the premiere, full of lies and devoid of facts. We are preparing a criminal complaint against Zupanič. He is a completely insane man. We will demand that the witnesses whose faces are covered in the film be revealed,” Cosic said.


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Karić announced that due to the nature of the crime, the Municipality of Sarajevo will contact the Department for International Operational Police Cooperation at the Directorate for the Coordination of Police Authorities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She will also request that Interpol and Europol be involved in the investigation of these horrific acts.

Zupanič: I hope that the media and investigative bodies will continue our work

We also asked Zupanič for a comment on the announced criminal charges, who said in a recent interview for our portal that he did not want to leave even a shadow of doubt in the film about the veracity of the testimonies of the witnesses about this horrible phenomenon.

“I will comment on the lawsuit filed by the mayor of East Sarajevo when I receive it. I understand the announcement by the mayor of Sarajevo that she will file criminal charges against the strangers who, as participants in the safari, shot at the surrounded residents of Sarajevo as an announcement that investigative authorities will be involved in the investigation of this phenomenon , which is good news,” he said for

Miran ZupanicPHOTO: Anže Koron

The film premiered on September 10 at the Documentary Film Festival in Sarajevo. Due to the overwhelming interest, the organizers screened the film twice. “The story of the safari has been revealed and from here on the matter is the property of the public. I hope that the media and investigative authorities will continue our work,” Zupanič summed up his impressions after the premiere.

For the first time in the 30 years since the beginning of the war in BiH, the documentary film Sarajevo Safari publicly reveals that during the siege of Sarajevo, rich foreigners allegedly paid for special hunting expeditions, when they were supposed to shoot at live targets – people – from sniper positions under the control of the Serbian army. The film attracted a lot of interest from the Bosnian and global public, and even before its premiere, it also triggered negative reactions from Republika Srpska circles, which called it a lie and an insult to the Republika Srpska and its army.

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