System Breaker: The film that became an unexpected hit in Germany

One of the most praised German films of the past few years, System Breaker, which tells the story of a nine-year-old girl, is coming to VOYO. But Benni is no ordinary nine-year-old. She is a girl who bullies her peers and because her wild personality is so uncontrollable, her own mother ends up turning her over to social services. In the film, the child actress Helena Zengel, who portrayed a violent girl, is particularly impressive.

“While writing the script, I really thought that it would not be possible to find an actress who could play this role. Then I thought that even if I did find her, it would be difficult to convince her parents that their daughter would participate in such a film,” is for Screen Daily said the director Crazy Fingscheidtwho is on the set of the film because of her talent Helene Zengel remained speechless. “She is extraordinary. I don’t know how she could act so well. Maybe she drew inspiration from some of her life experiences. Maybe she imagined the subject so well. Or maybe it’s just her extraordinary talent. Helena has the ability to play even the most demanding scenes, to relax after a shoot like a playful kid running around the set, and then in a few minutes she can transform back into Benny. She’s amazing.”

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The story of the movie System Breaker

Benni is a very special girl. With her unbridled energy, with which she bullies her peers as a joke, she is condemned to a kind of isolation. Her mother can’t control her, so she hands her over to social services. The social services do not know exactly what to do with her, as all the educational and care institutions ignore her. It seems that only Michael, who has successfully implemented programs for the adjustment of troubled teenagers for years, can control her. For the few days she spends with him in a lonely cabin in the middle of the forest, it seems that Benni is ready for successful socialization, but the return to civilization and the uncontrollable childish desire for her mother’s proximity again plunges her into a vicious circle from which there is no way out. The film, which, like its heroine, brims with emotion and energy, brought the director the Silver Bear at the Berlinale and became an unexpected hit in Germany.

Peter Bradshawa film critic who writes for The Guardiansaid after watching the film: “It’s a journey that involves borderline inappropriate intimacy with this intense kid—a risk that the unsuspecting Mich didn’t even consider. And all the while, the stakes are higher and morals are lower. There are times when Zengel performs with other kids, especially younger kids, when you’re watching a movie you get the strange feeling that it’s not acting – it’s actually happening.”

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