22 years after the filming, the Thai court ordered the arrangement of the paradise location of the film The Beach

Maya Bay Beach reopened at the beginning of this year after three and a half years. Photo: AP

The movie Danny Boyle from 2000 received a lot of criticism due to the damage it allegedly caused to the island’s once pristine sandy beach When Phi Phi Lehwhich became a hot tourist attraction after the premiere of the film destinationwhich had an additional negative impact on the local natural environment.

American filmmakers are in Dozens of coconut palms were planted in Maya Bay to give the bay a little more “tropical” touch.

Environmentalists accused them of uprooting and destroying the growth on the sand dunes, but the studio 20th Century Fox insisted he left the beach exactly as he found it, moreover, it was reportedly cleaned up so thoroughly that tons of trash were removed.

Lawsuit upon lawsuit

Leonardo DiCaprio in the hit movie The Beach, filmed in Maya Bay. Photo: IMDB

Local authorities in 1999 against Thai government agencies, the studio 20th Century filed a civil suit against Fox and the film’s Thai coordinators seeking 100 million baht in damages for environmental too bad.

Tuesday is the Supreme Court in Bangkok upheld a civil court ruling that the Ministry of Forestry was responsible for rehabilitating Maya Bay. At the same time, they ordered the ministry to form a commission that will in formed a rehabilitation plan in 30 days, reports AFP.

Concerned about the impact on the environment, environmentalists tried to stop the filming of the film based on the cult novel with two lawsuits Alex Garland. The film put Maya Bay on the map, and the beach became a victim of mass tourism, with 6,000 tourists visiting it daily. In October 2018, authorities closed her down to allow her to recover.

At the start of the pandemic, the entire archipelago is otherwise Phi Phi entered in forced recovery, then when Thailand introduced strict entry rules in country. Maya Bay reopened to tourists earlier this year, but authorities restricted the number of visitors to limit environmental too bad.

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