Legendary director Jean-Luc Godard has died

Legendary director Jean-Luc Godard has died
Legendary director Jean-Luc Godard has died

Director Jean-Luc Godard, the godfather of the French New Wave, has died. He was 91 years old. His death was confirmed to the French media by sources close to the director. Godard was known for his films Until the Last Breath, Contempt, Crazy Pierrot, Living Your Dreams and others.

Jean-Luc Godard was a French-Swiss director, screenwriter and film critic who was renowned as a pioneer of the French New Wave that emerged in France in the 1960s. He was one of the most influential French directors of the post-war period, and in 2010 he also received an Oscar. He pushed boundaries in his films and inspired later generations of directors.

He was born in a French-Swiss family on December 3, 1930 in Paris. His father was a doctor and his mother was a descendant of a Swiss banker, and the family spent his youth in Switzerland, where he also attended school.

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His films were known for existential monologues, but he also pioneered a new way of filming using manual camera work and jump cuts. He was credited with placing directors alongside established artists and writers, and some mention him as his successor Quentin Tarantino with the film Glass Dogs.

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