Zac Efron on agoraphobia: I just don’t go out

Zac Efron on agoraphobia: I just don’t go out
Zac Efron on agoraphobia: I just don’t go out

High School Musical star Zac Efron recently revealed in an interview that he doesn’t like crowds and doesn’t want to hang out in large groups of people. The 34-year-old actor admitted to his fans that he suffers from agoraphobia. In most cases, this develops as a complication of panic disorder, which involves a feeling of being trapped and hopeless, and people with this disorder are also afraid of open spaces.

Zac Efron is in an interview for the October issue of the magazine Men’s Health spoke about suffering from the disorder of agoraphobia. The star said that this situation is the main culprit, that he started to avoid larger events where more people gather. Several celebrities have admitted that they have similar problems in the past, and 34-year-old Efron kept more details to himself despite the revelation.

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“I just don’t go out. People gathered in large groups make me agoraphobic,” the actor told the magazine. Other celebrities, including the two of them, also spoke about similar problems Kim Basinger and Danny Osmond. The latter said in 2000 that sometimes he would rather choose death than go on stage if someone offered him that option.

Efron also talked about his chiseled body, which he showed off in 2017 when he starred in the film Coast Guard, and admitted that something like this could probably not be achieved just by regular exercise, which he himself had: “The skin does not have a sufficient amount of water. It’s all fake, and you can achieve this effect with diuretics. I myself prefer two or three percent more fat on my body.”


Zac Efron never wants to have a body from The Coast Guard again

In order to stay in perfect physical shape, he had to give up sleep a lot, train more and eat the same three meals day after day, he also told the publication. Now he is trying to focus his attention on the negative consequences left by the hard training and lifestyle, with which he otherwise acquired the figure for the mentioned film.

“I developed insomnia and fell into depression, which I struggled with for a long time. I burned out from this experience and it was very difficult to get back on my feet. In the end, they attributed it all to taking diuretics for too long, which had a negative effect on my body,” the 34-year-old revealed.


Zac Efron in front of the high school from High School Musical: ‘What does it mean?’

The star also recently spoke about the fall he experienced in November 2013, in which he broke his jaw, and he even had to undergo physiotherapy to recover. He said he didn’t know about the rumors from fans on social media that he had plastic surgery, but his mother told him about them. As the star added, he doesn’t bother with such things: “If other people’s opinions of me were as important to me as they think I am, I wouldn’t be able to do this job.”

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