TV tips: Enemy at the door, Tednik and Narko mafia

TV tips: Enemy at the door, Tednik and Narko mafia
TV tips: Enemy at the door, Tednik and Narko mafia

Monday, September 12

The enemy at the door: Kanal A at 20:00

Weekend rating: 4 (out of 5)

Enemy at the Gates. USA, 2001. Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud. Cast: Jude Law, Ed Harris, Joseph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz, Bob Hoskins. Drama. 150 min.

A complex, exciting and extravagantly shot film with an excellent cast, it cannot boast of historical accuracy, but it makes up for it with scenes that throw the viewer straight into a deadly battle.

In World War II, the fall of Stalingrad would mean the fall of Russia. Germans and Russians are fighting for every street, German soldiers are being stalked by sniper Vasilij Zaitsev. Politcommissar Danilov (Joseph Fiennes) senses his propaganda value and elevates him to myth. But then the two men fall in love with the same girl… In addition, the Germans send their sniper over Vasilij.

Weekly: TV SLO 1 at 8:00 p.m

Slo., 2022. Magazine. 60 min.

Weekly Photo Archive 2tdk

Almost a year has passed since the disappearance of then 10-year-old Julija Pogačar and her mother Melissa Smrekar. Father Peter Pogačar is convinced that the mother took her daughter to the followers of Lana Praner z Gospodi. Is it a sect?

They also present the experience of a patient who, in the event of an epileptic attack, was not helped by anyone in public. Why do so many people not help when someone is in need: is it indifference to others or fear? Do we even have enough knowledge to offer first aid?

The team went down with cavers into the newly discovered huge karst cave on the route of the 2nd railway track in the Lokev pri Divača tunnel.

Narco Mafia at War 3: Hunt for the Dragon: National Geographic at 11:00 p.m

Narco Wars 3: Chasing the Dragon. USA, 2021. 1/6. Doc. series. 55 min.

Narco mafia Photo Nat. Geo.

Narco mafia Photo Nat. Geo.

Using shocking stories from the front lines of the global heroin trade, Narco Mafia at War: Dragon Quest reveals how the world became addicted to opioids. We’ll see heroin smugglers from the Vietnam War and the Afghan Taliban, the Sicilian Mafia, the legal “pill factories” of big pharma, and the fentanyl explosion the work of a deadly Mexican cartel.

In the first part, they take a close look at the heroin empire of a man who flooded New York with heroin and was therefore called the Prince of Death.

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