The last phase of the reorganization of Golob’s government, with eyes fixed primarily on three new portfolios

The last phase of the reorganization of Golob’s government, with eyes fixed primarily on three new portfolios
The last phase of the reorganization of Golob’s government, with eyes fixed primarily on three new portfolios

After eight months, next week the government will begin to function as Robert Golob envisioned it at the beginning of his mandate. Namely, the MPs will vote on nine candidates, who will either hold ministerial positions for the first time or the areas of their ministries have changed slightly. The opposition says that the government now has no more excuses, while the coalition expects a lot from the new government composition, especially from the new department for a solidary future.

Government reorganization Robert Golob is entering the final phase. This week, the coalition with the majority in the National Assembly is expected to block the decision to expand the ministerial composition without any surprises. “As far as the increase in jobs or new employment is concerned, it has already been said several times that these quotas will not increase, but will remain as they are. However, there will be certain redistributions,” the President of the National Assembly comments on the situation Urška Klakočar Zupančič.

The eyes are focused in particular on three completely new portfolios, namely higher education, science and innovation, environment, climate and energy, and a future of solidarity. Simon Maljavec with future secretaries of state Klemno Ploštajner and I am rejuvenating Luka promises 20,000 new rental apartments.

Summit of the coalition on BrdoPHOTO: Aljoša Kravanja

“I expect that they will tackle priority tasks as soon as possible. For example, the future of access to housing in solidarity. This is also one of the key priorities of this government, it has been stated several times,” he says Meira Hot, SD MP. Leader of the Left MPs Matej Tašner Vatovec so: “We can also talk about a project ministry or a ministry for one mandate, but what will be laid will be the foundations for a truly solidary basis on something that we could say is the basic right of every individual, and that is the right to stay.”

The opposition, on the other hand, has significantly less hope in them. As they say, problems with a slightly changed government composition do not automatically disappear yet. “But I think it’s good that the government will now finally get the image that they wanted. Now there will be no excuses that they were restricted or had problems in anything,” he estimates Matej Tonin, president and deputy of NSi.


All five candidates for the reformed government passed the hearings before the DZ

“They are giving themselves a millstone. Why are they expanding ministries? Because of failed politicians? Because of those who were not chosen by the people in the elections?” asks the SDS deputy Franc Breznik.

The future infrastructure minister Alenka Bratušek will unofficially supplement the position of State Secretary with a political companion and former member of the SAB Andrej Rajh.

Redistributions also elsewhere. K Aleksandr Jevšek no longer to a government job, but to the Ministry of Cohesion, SD’s unofficially moves as the second state secretary Andreja Katič.

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