Snow on the roads caused a lot of confusion, traffic jams all over the country

The state of the roads in Ljubljana. Photo: MMC RTV SLO

The snow already caused a traffic collapse early in the morning, many road sections are closed. Traffic jams are caused by truck slips. Traffic is still heavily congested. The roads are being plowed, but due to the heavy snowfall, they remain covered with snow everywhere.

The traffic information center warns of slowing down traffic and the use of mandatory winter equipment. In some parts of Slovenia, the fog in lanes greatly reduces visibility. Set off earlier than usual and only with mandatory winter equipment, urges the traffic information center.

The first heavy snowfall this winter caused a traffic collapse
Many roads closed due to broken trees and truck skids

Because truck skids the coastal highway between Vrhnik and Logatec towards Koper and the Dolenjska highway near Medvedjek towards Ljubljana were closed. On the highways, there is an hour delay from Maribor to Ljubljana, half an hour from Koper to Ljubljana and up to an hour delay from Novi Mesto to Ljubljana.

The least problems are in Gorenjska, but many high-lying roads are closed.

Morning driving conditions near Trebnje. Photo: MMC RTV SLO/Ksenja Tratnik


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Snowfall and power outages, problems in Ljubljana’s passenger transport

The ban on the driving of trucks over 7.5 tons applies on the Styrian highway from Šempetra to Ljubljana, on the coastal highway before the junction Vrhnik to Koper and before Kozina to Ljubljana and before Sežana – east to Ljubljana.

There are also delays in rail traffic.

Wet snow causes avalanches

The Environment Agency has issued an orange warning for today. Snowfall is reported from most of the country due to wet and southern snow. As a result, they also happen power outages.

A fallen tree in Ljubljana. Photo: MMC RTV SLO

A fallen tree in Ljubljana. Photo: MMC RTV SLO

More than half a meter of snow also fell in Gorenjska

The most new snow fell in Gorenjski. 56 centimeters of fresh snow fell on Zelenica by 7 a.m., the total snow cover there is 138 centimeters thick. In the last 24 hours, 45 centimeters of new snow fell on Vogl, a total of almost one meter of snow there. On Kredarica, the snow cover is 190 centimeters thick.

There were 41 centimeters of new snow on Kanin at 7 o’clock, for a total of 187 centimeters. 42 centimeters of new snow fell on Vršič, the total snow cover there is 92 centimeters thick. On Korenské sedl and in Rateče, together with the newly fallen snow, the snow cover is about 60 centimeters thick.

By this morning, 40 centimeters of snow had fallen in Jezerski, 30 centimeters in Logarski dolina, and 46 centimeters of new snow on Pavličev sedlo.

At Treh kralji na Pohorje, 26 centimeters of new snow was delivered, while in Zgornja Kapla, a good 20 centimeters of snow fell. 16 centimeters of snow fell in Mežica, 13 centimeters in Nanos, and 11 centimeters in Vrhnika and Ljubljana, according to Ars data, among other things.

Towards the evening, the precipitation will intensify again

During the day, the precipitation will weaken or stop, but towards the evening it will intensify again, but not as intensively. Snow is also expected in the coming days, but this will also depend on the temperature. Significant cooling is predicted towards the end of the week, when meteorologists do not expect significant precipitation.

Driving in winter conditions

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