He is waiting for the children in front of the blocks, he took one by the hand and wanted to drag him into the van

He is waiting for the children in front of the blocks, he took one by the hand and wanted to drag him into the van
He is waiting for the children in front of the blocks, he took one by the hand and wanted to drag him into the van

“My daughter was accosted by a man in his 50s and 60s when she left school last week. This happened under the basketball court above our settlement. He asked her if she was coming home from school and if she was coming with him. She was very scared of him and started running towards our block. This also happened to her classmate last month, who described him the same way as her, except that he grabbed his hand and tried to drag him into a van (the van is white and has 2 circles and some writing) near the red blocks. The boy came to school in tears and told the teacher what had happened, and she informed the headmistress, who reported the incident. This is the beginning of a message that is circulating on social networks these days, shared mainly by worried mothers, and everything is said to have happened on the route Vič, Vrhovci and Brdo.

At the same time, we can see in the record that the gentleman was also seen several times in the bar below the block, where he allegedly slandered the children who passed by. “Today she saw him again with a friend, which means that he probably lives somewhere near or is often at this end. As soon as they saw him, they moved away. The gentleman is bald and has some gray hair on the sides of his head. He is of stronger build, has a big nose, brown skin, has a deep voice, wears a black backpack, is sometimes seen on a bicycle, sometimes with a dog – a brown poodle.”

The police are aware of the incident

Tomaž Tomaževic s PU Ljubljana responds that they are aware of the notices and records on social networks, and in this regard intensive collection of notices and verification of all the circumstances of the events arising from the records is underway. In this, the police cooperates with the school and other competent authorities and other involved persons, and carries out other activities in order to fully verify all the circumstances. “In general, we advise that citizens immediately inform the police of all cases of the appearance of suspicious persons or their suspicious behavior at no. 113, the nearest police unit or give an anonymous report on no. 080 1200. It is also important not to spread unverified information on social networks. The latter can cause fear, panic and mistrust before the police officers check the actual situation,” he adds and emphasizes that the police officers spend a lot of time educating children about correct behavior and reactions in potentially dangerous situations.

At the same time, he explains that this year in the area of ​​the aforementioned police department, several cases of criminal offenses against the sexual integrity of minors were dealt with, but none of the cases dealt with were carried out in such a way that this would have occurred during gossiping or in public places, inviting vehicles or the like: “The police evaluates and implements measures for the protection of victims in each individual case, which they can within the scope of their powers, and we also cooperate with other state institutions, non-governmental organizations, etc. At the same time, we will do everything to ensure that the actions are fully investigated and that the perpetrators of such crimes are discovered and properly prosecuted.”

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