End of uncertainty in Revoz – Renault maintains production in Novo Mesto

End of uncertainty in Revoz – Renault maintains production in Novo Mesto
End of uncertainty in Revoz – Renault maintains production in Novo Mesto

22.11.2022 | 11:00

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New townIn Revoz, Novo Mesto, where at the beginning of March they were forced to switch to only one production shift and lay off several hundred workers due to the irregular supply of electronic components that are installed in Renault vehicles, the uncertainty about the future should be over. Renault included this factory in Novi Sad in its development plans.

Revoz today confirmed the reporting of some Slovenian media that their factory, along with 13 other vehicle assembly factories, has become part of one of the five new Renault entities.

It is an entity Power or A force that includes the traditional core business of the Renault Group – Renault Group and will continue to develop innovative thermal and hybrid vehicles with low emissions under the umbrella of the Renault, Dacia and Renault LCV brands.

The French automotive giant has already informed the Slovenian government that it plans to continue production in Revoz, Minister of Economy Matjaž Han told Delovo Sobotna Prilako. Regarding Renault’s intentions, he said that they will focus on the production of electric cars.


Photo: DL archive

“Within this, we have to find opportunities both for Revoz and for the entire automotive industry and our development institutions. We are not only interested in production, but also more Slovenian knowledge and innovations in cars,” he underlined.

In Revoz, after finishing the Edison project, in the framework of which they produced the Smart Forfour car model, they manufacture consists of three more Renault car models: Twingo, electric Twingo and Clio. Since March – which is, among other things, the result of the completion of the Smart project – they have been operating in one shift, and they are expected to produce up to 330 vehicles per day.

Regarding the current situation, they stated at the time that the Renault automotive group and with it Revoz are still facing major problems in the field of electronic parts supply. This makes business more difficult, and there is a lot of adaptation and changes to production plans.

According to the company, approximately 350 production workers were laid off by March of this year. The remaining approximately 100 are expected to gradually leave by the end of the year, when Revoz, which had a total of approximately 2,100 employees at the end of February, is expected to employ approximately 1,600 more people.


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