(LETTER FROM A READER) This is how Slovenia is dying!

It says: Franciska Franca Buttolo

We will have to hand over the children to foreigners, especially the Balkan mafia, with permanent residences abroad, where they will sell them to the best bidders. Slovenians, because we have a strong desire to die out, because we are no longer able to survive, we have allowed them, mostly Balkan Slovenian citizens, to pass a law according to which we will no longer have the right to admire Cankar’s lines about the mother, Prežih’s mother of the self-proclaimed, nor the right to our children if we don’t have enough money for them. They will be forcibly taken away from both the parents and grandparents of the grandchildren, most of them will be taken abroad.

Ali: Well, we have a law, Golob’s criminal family law, more criminal than Hitler’s or Stalin’s about concentration camps, deportations to Siberia, gulags and the like!

I wonder if Dr. A pigeon, abnormal, immoral, a coward, or so empty-headed that he can’t contribute anything better than concentration camps in politics to Slovenian communist criminal policy – everything from the Vosovo liquidations and the post-war killings of around two hundred thousand. This is how Slovenia is dying.

I have a grandson and a granddaughter. I try to imagine that they are still small, lose their parents, and my husband and I have to hand them over to the left-fascist Slovenian social service under inhuman coercion, including by police, to send them for adoption to two Slovenian citizens from the Balkans, to Sweden, where they have permanent residences. A disaster. A disaster worse than any of Hitler’s or Stalin’s worst concentration camps.

And where is the guarantee, we may ask, that the two Slovenian citizens from the Balkans will not soon sell the two grandchildren to the best bidder? He isn’t there. The only guarantee in such a case is a paid job, of course a very expensive one, that would find the grandchild, steal it and return it to the grandparents.

This is how it will happen.

Oh, how right the brilliant politician Churchill was, who supposedly said that the new fascism would be called left-wing fascism, or something similar. Communist Golob sells Slovenian children. Quite left-fascist.

The article is in Slovenian


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