Invoices are returned – in paper or electronic form

After a year, the bills are coming back again. This is what the government decided, and the reason is the growth of the shadow economy at a time when printing of invoices was not mandatory. What are the responses? For example, restaurateurs say that they mostly printed bills for consumers all the time, but they said that they rarely took them. This is also the case in the service industry, people mostly did not ask for invoices.

“Although printing invoices is not mandatory, we print them,” say the restaurateurs, adding that they themselves and the guests are used to it. In principle, people did not take bills before, or, as some restaurateurs noticed, tourists often took them with them, but otherwise they always threw them in the trash.

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They remained on the table at today’s Open Kitchen. But have consumers ever specifically requested them? “Specifically that someone would want an account, practically never,” said one of the caterers.

And service activities, beauticians, hairdressers and others… What are their experiences?

“Customers who are SPs, legal entities, they want the invoices, but the others don’t care if they get it or not,” one of the hairdressers answers. However, we would like clear instructions in the future.

Bills for consumers will now be in printed or electronic form. “There will definitely be more paper ones, because it’s easier that way. You’d rather take the bill and go, than give your details, e-mail address, at the checkout,” they think.

Finance Minister Klemen Boštjančič is clear: “We are re-introducing the obligation to issue invoices, which is one of the key tools for controlling the gray economy and securing the rights of customers, especially control over the content of the invoice and complaints.” At the same time, he emphasizes that, where and when possible, invoices should be issued in digital format.

The changes should come into effect before the end of this year.

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