The ground detachment of the Slovenian Army unit for special operations obtained an important certificate

The ground detachment of the Slovenian Army unit for special operations obtained an important certificate
The ground detachment of the Slovenian Army unit for special operations obtained an important certificate
Photo: Slovenian Army

The certification is also of particular importance because the detachment will participate in the NATO forces for fast response, which means Yes members are ready for practically immediate movement to the most demanding locations.

“Helicopter crash rescue…/// facility break-in and freeing the hostages.” These are just two of the 300 or so items that raters from Nata and The Slovenian army – more than 20 of them – were checked according to strict standards.

“One event that we evaluate is not just one evaluator. These are evaluators from several sides, each ticks its own part, then Yes these things in the questionnaire and the norm is precisely prescribed in that questionnaire. And that norm, if you reach it, it’s GO, if you don’t, it’s NO GO. So Yes there’s not much debate here,” the senior officer explained for operational planning Lt. Col The outlet of Stavanja.

The Slovenian army now has a ground detachment for special operation. The evaluators awarded the certificate right here in Hungary. Commander special units of the Slovenian Army, lieutenant colonel Miha Rijavec he said Yes this time’s assessments were more difficult than usual, because Nato has raised the standards significantly due to the war in Ukraine, the tests are supposed to take place for 30 to 40 percent heavier than usual.

“Everything is evaluated according to this methodology special forces, and of course, with these events in Ukraine, these standards are particularly attentive, above all from experiences that originate from Ukraine, are paying attention to individual areas that are now important. Mainly the protection of relationships and protection of own forces and there was really no letting up here and we had to demonstrate the highest level of both competence and equipment,” said Rijavec. “I would especially like to express my pride for my boys, special congratulations to everyone, because they were the ones who proved on the field in the last few days, Yes The Slovenian army knows and he can.”

“It’s not easy, it’s hard, but they passed the test,” said the lieutenant colonel Ladislav TarNATO evaluator.

By 2023, this detachment will be ready under German command for departure within a maximum of 30 days.

“As of January 1, we are part of the NATO forces for fast forwarding, which means Yes we can be sent at a certain time to where NATO assesses Yes we must be sent and where the government will agree, Yes we are sent,” the lieutenant colonel explained Matija Jazbeccommander of the ground detachment for special operation.

The certificate is just the icing on the cake, they say, they worked hard for it for at least a year and half to ten years of foundation, as they described it themselves. The days they were under the watchful eye of the evaluators also brought 40 minor injuries.

“There were cuts, so what torn out signs, we pulled down one member’s nail because it was festering, a senior military official enumerated Žiga Tomažinčičreservist doctor.

Even the weather did not spare them.

“For three days, two nights they were out in the rain, in the cold, in the dark, when they came back, they reported, prepared for the next one actionas Yes there was nothing. These are specialists,” said Stavanja.

NATO intends the number of forces for rapid response, which includes this detachment, to increase to more than 300,000.

The ground detachment of the SV in the NATO rapid reaction force

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