Gorenjski glas | Cooperative recognition in the right hands

Gorenjski glas | Cooperative recognition in the right hands
Gorenjski glas | Cooperative recognition in the right hands

Text: Cveto Zaplotnik

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This year, Ciril Peternel, owner of the Lušina farm in Draga, was the only one from Gorenjska to receive recognition for his lasting contribution to the development of the cooperative. He was nominated for recognition by the Škofja Loka Agricultural and Forestry Cooperative.

Ciril is convinced that concentration in agriculture will continue: large farms will become even larger and smaller ones will abandon farming. While smaller farms on the plains will be able to lease land, in the hills there is no such interest in leasing and the question is who will farm it.

Dear – “I am closely connected with the Loška cooperative. All the time, from the age of twenty until today, when I will turn 68, I have been a member of the cooperative, and I have also been a member of its board of directors for at least five terms. In this role, it is not always easy: on the one hand, you have to take care of the good business of the cooperative, and on the other hand, you have to defend the farmers. The goal of the cooperative is not business with a large profit, but positive business from which its members also benefit economically,” said Ciril Peternel, adding that the cooperatives are not in favor of ownership integration of cooperatives, but support their business cooperation. He praised the cooperative management, which successfully runs the cooperative and also encourages the cooperation of cooperatives in the purchase of agricultural reproductive material and the sale of agricultural products.

Together with his wife Mira, Ciril owns a farm in Draga. The farm covers 21 hectares of land, of which eleven hectares are agricultural land, the rest is forest. They grow cereals (barley, triticale) and corn for ensiling – all for the needs of their own cattle breeding. They also grow potatoes, in the golden times they produced up to a hundred tons a year, at which time they also supplied student dormitories in Ljubljana. In 2003, when there was a severe drought, the production of potatoes was greatly reduced, now they are grown mainly for their own needs and for regular customers. They currently have twenty cattle in the barn. In the past, they also raised cows and sold milk, but then, also due to the low purchase price of milk and problems with the cows, they abandoned dairy farming and replaced them with lactating cows. . “There is less work with pitanci, and the costs of preparation are also lower,” said Ciril, emphasizing that this year will be worse for agriculture due to the drought.

“I’ve been a farm owner for thirty-seven years, but I don’t remember such a drought. On our farm, due to the drought, the second mowing was a fifth less, and there won’t be a third and fourth at all. The corn was about one meter lower than it would be under normal conditions, the crop loss is 35 to 40 percent. The potato harvest was two-fifths smaller than the usual harvest, but with all the bad things, there was also something good – this year there was no rot.”

How will they compensate for the large loss of fodder? “We will reduce the number of cattle by four, fortunately we still have some reserve from last year,” said Ciril, adding that for their area, where there is heavy soil that retains moisture well, it is generally considered that they can (long-term rains) brings more problems than drought.

Cyril is also active in the Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry, where he is a member of the beef committee. He is a member of the Škofjelo municipal council for the second term, he was a member of the local community council of Trata for several terms, he is also a member of the municipal committee for agriculture, a member of the Gosteče volunteer fire brigade and a (founding) member of the Pungert sports club. In this year’s local elections, he will run again as a member of the municipal council. “We still have a lot to do in the areas from Škofja Loka to Sora,” he justified his decision and admitted: “I can only do all this with the support of my wife. A lot of times when I’m in meetings, he has to do something for me.”

With all his obligations, Cyril also finds time to relax. He still likes to ride his bike, goes to Osolnik or Lubnik. He recently went on an excursion to Hungary with the cattle breeders, and this year he and his wife also took a vacation at the sea, at which time their grandson took over the “running business” on the farm.

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