In Celje, the patient was changed, but no one is to blame or responsible for this

In Celje, the patient was changed, but no one is to blame or responsible for this
In Celje, the patient was changed, but no one is to blame or responsible for this

The story from Celje, when a patient was changed and none of the medical staff was to blame or responsible for it, is a good outline of how things work in Slovenia. Instead of the “heads falling” of those responsible for this, nothing happened – even the council of the institution did not accept the resignations of the directors. What can we learn from this example?

It is a crime to switch two people when admitted to the hospital. To bury the “wrong” person or a person who was actually not real is an even greater crime. And that in all of this, despite the procedures that exist in the system itself and that are intended for just that, it can happen, this is definitely the fault of the person. But if this is Slovenia, then there is no blame. Then it’s nobody’s fault. In certain industries, some are more protected than “Kočevski bears” and despite all the barking of “dogs”, the caravan calmly goes on its way.

Can you imagine for a moment that this happens to you? To let you know that your relative has died. To bury him when they find out that he actually didn’t die and is in a nursing home, but they made a mistake? It’s hard for me to imagine such a situation, but I certainly wouldn’t let it go by as it seems that it will go by in Slovenia, when no one is responsible for this act, even though it’s probably clear to everyone now that the system doesn’t work !

The healthcare sector needs change. It needs reorganization. It needs airing. Someone has to turn it upside down and prepare a system that will function in 2022. We need a health care reform where the medical personnel will actually perform their tasks and will not earn money from private companies, while the waiting lines for interventions will be a couple of years. And no, it is not all the fault of ZZZS, although it also bears part of this responsibility.

Even the latest idea that doctors should leave the unified health care system shows that they are “their own caste”, which is untouchable and which can afford everything and more. Let the 3,500 who signed the declaration to leave the unified health care system go to the labor market and then survive – not as amphibians, which is now the practice, but let them survive on the market. I wonder how quickly their opinion would change. But that’s a story for another time. Back to Celje.

It is not normal for something like what happened in Celje to happen. It’s also not a normal story of an elderly person who was dropped off by health workers in front of the block a few days ago. This profession used to be different. Appreciated. Also, the medical staff tried and tried to be kind to their patients. Now things have changed. And we have become mere numbers waiting for the “gods in white” to have mercy on us. I sincerely hope that the new Minister of Health has enough “eggs” that he will change something. Otherwise, the situation will only get worse every year. And yes, it could be worse!

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