Slovenia is also known abroad for its successful companies

Slovenia is also known abroad for its successful companies
Slovenia is also known abroad for its successful companies

23/09/2022 | 08:10

Ivan Erenda and Rok Capl


Business ambassadors at the end of their visit to TPV Automotive in Brežice


Marija Čebular Zajec, Miha Bogataj, Franc Marovt, Boris Šajnović, Milana Karajić and Damijana Štraser (from left) before the start of the round table (All photos: ML)

Brežice – The public agency Spirit Slovenia organized yesterday in Brežice the third meeting of the ambassadors of the Slovenian economy, namely at the headquarters of TPV Automotive in Brežice and in the second part with a round table at Mokrice Castle.

The public agency Spirit Slovenia is, as he said Rok Capl, acting director, host of the communication campaign for the promotion of the Slovenian economy in foreign markets I feel Slovenia. Green. Creative. Smart. “The main purpose of this type of campaign is to present the knowledge and quality of the Slovenian economy on foreign markets. It is precisely through the success stories of our companies that we can most successfully carry out this kind of presentation,” said Capl.

There are forty-one ambassadors, among them TPV Automotive, one of the seven winners of this year’s golden national award for innovation, awarded by the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia. He received it for the development of a light, thin-walled bicycle carrier. At the meeting, the company was congratulated for the awards. The director of TPV Automotive I spoke about the mentioned innovationvan Erend, who also introduced the company to those gathered. As he said in a statement at the meeting, the innovation and the recognition received for it, which is one of the ninety awards received, are a great honor and pride for TPV Automotive. “A big thank you to all the colleagues who participated. The project has been in the making since 2018, when the buyer BMW nominated us for the pre-development and then the development and finally the production part,” he said. Campaign ambassadors of the Slovenian economy – Green. Creatively. Smart – it is close to the sustainable, green, efficient direction that TPV has already outlined in the past.

“The innovation is the wheel carrier for BMW, it is the platform for all front-wheel drive vehicles. Here we have improved driving dynamics and at the same time significantly reduced the weight of the product,” said the director. The improvement is also environmentally beneficial. With the innovation, they will protect the environment from approximately 124,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, calculated per six million vehicles, they calculated.

After the tour of production, the meeting of business ambassadors continued at Mokrice Castle with a round table where they talked about sustainable development and the achievements of companies in this area. As Rok Capl said in the introduction, the Spirit Slovenia agency will allocate more than 188 million euros of non-refundable money to companies in the next four years as part of the recovery and resilience plan, which will be aimed at the green transition, digitization and productivity growth.

The round table was attended by Milana Karajić, head of strategic projects at the company Magneti Ljubljana, head of the project office at the company Iskra Boris Šajnovićhead of development at Kronoterm Franc Marovtdirector and owner of the Ekoart house company Miha Bogataj and a representative of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology from the Directorate for Internationalization, Entrepreneurship and Technology Marija Čebular Zajec. Spirit Slovenia representative Matej Jarc at the end, she spoke about the future activities of the agency for the promotion of the Slovenian economy. She led the round table Damiana Strasser.

The interlocutors at the round table presented several innovations of their companies, which are completely comparable to foreign ones. In doing so, they mentioned, among other things, their internationally recognized innovative solutions for economical use of energy and reuse of materials. The round table therefore ended in a sign of optimism. They emphasized that due to broken supply chains, companies often have problems obtaining installation materials.

She sang for the introduction to the round table Nuša Derendawho also took care of the artistic conclusion of the official part of the meeting.


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