(LETTER FROM A READER) My God, I can’t see you anymore, Slovenia, dusk has fallen on the sunny side of the Alps

(LETTER FROM A READER) My God, I can’t see you anymore, Slovenia, dusk has fallen on the sunny side of the Alps
(LETTER FROM A READER) My God, I can’t see you anymore, Slovenia, dusk has fallen on the sunny side of the Alps

It says: Frančiška Buttolo

Today is a gloomy day for me, although the sun shone early. It’s true that dusk has not yet covered the beautiful Kamniška Planina, which I greet every morning from my home balcony, even before I put the coffee pot on the gas stove, but it came from somewhere else.

It came out of the ether, it spread from the government’s electronic media, which for the past few months have been happily announcing every morning how many steps Slovenia is closer to the new fascist world order than we have, at least as far as the political practice of the last government is concerned – for the first time since Tito and his Yugoslavia – again the Socialist Republic of Slovenia. It just needs to be confirmed constitutionally, for which we need a new constitution as soon as possible. One that will be consistent with the New World Fascist Order.

In order to implement the named order, the current authorities in Slovenia need only a few more prison warrants and medical referrals to mental institutions and an amendment to the constitution. Her prison orders are going like clockwork: expulsion from the political public (with threats of imprisonment) is already waiting for some independence activists (first of all, Mr. Janez Janša), as well as some journalists (first of all those at RTV Slovenia, then Mr. Jože Biščak and all at Nova24tv). , some of the highest, internationally recognized professional and moral authorities in the Church (the Vatican will be overjoyed when they have to shut up!), and a few experts in the field of economics (at least five of them will soon no longer be lecturing our uncorrupted fascist student youth, who in all pride parades and in “multi-culture pubs” he fearlessly fights for the fascist future of Europe and “all the folk” in it (without countries, without nations, and especially without Aristotle and similar “freaks” with whom the youth can be fooled “like the classics”. All these necessary withdrawals of “old men” from public life, especially from politics, are a small snack for the current government.There will not be enough prisons and insane asylums.

It is worse with the amendment of the constitution, because the current government does not have enough votes in the parliament. Therefore, with a request for help, she turned to a more traditional party, which – at least officially – defends less fascist values ​​than the parties in power, which are pure fascist races, ideologically from the very first tier of the new world “order”. And it was here that the deepest source, almost bottomless, of the twilight of fascism over present-day Slovenia appeared. The so-called Kocbekism has revived. Yes, where even the fascist devil Kučan cannot go, Golob, the leader of the current Slovenian fascism, sends the traitorous Kocbekovka. There is no longer any doubt about that. All you have to do is sign this, the latest Dolomite statement.

The darkness that came out of the government’s fascist media today therefore announced the serious intention of the current government to, with the support of very capable and politically skilled traditional parties, erase the Slovenes from the world map forever as soon as possible, and soon after that also Slovenia, because to a large extent the European country or Greater Germany (again!?) will not have nation states, as nationalisms would be too much of a threat to human rights and freedom in the EU or Greater Germany.

Good morning, twilight of the new fascism! Good morning, twilight of the fascist EU!

The article is in Slovenian


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