(WE RECEIVED) About the imminent collapse of the Slovenian public (mafia) “national”

(WE RECEIVED) About the imminent collapse of the Slovenian public (mafia) “national”
(WE RECEIVED) About the imminent collapse of the Slovenian public (mafia) “national”

It says: Frančiška Buttolo

Do you still remember Mr. Danilo Slivnik and his – Slovenian Pulitzer – Kučanov clan? Because of him, in this article I am writing about the imminent collapse of the Slovenian public (mafia) “national”. Mr. Kučan is an extremely dangerous man.

I know, overblown title. But it didn’t work out any other way. When I set out to find the lowest common denominator that would firmly connect at least three basic elements that define a media house as national television or radio television – national, public and television – I barely, barely – according to all the possible definitions I’ve read – came up with the concepts state (national) and television. However, I have not been able to find a satisfactory definition for the concept of public.

The term national most often refers to state televisions, obviously also Slovenian, less often they include televisions from linguistic communities and various minorities. In short – national is national. Only from here on can other supplements be added to this label, for example Slovenian television or Television of Slovenia.

Of course, there are no problems with the term television, so I can safely skip it.

The term public, public television, is a completely different story. In spite of the poorly defined term public, which is generally valid for property, which in our country – more or less – still, as in socialist self-management, primarily means property without a firmly and unequivocally identifiable owner, the term public still appears and is used as if it were some kind of Noah’s ( Kučan’s) boat, which will save – the still Yugoslav-feeling Slovenian party elite – from the independence-winning capitalist (Janšist) social system. In short, the term public – with the meaning of certain ownership – in our case actually means hidden ownership, in the local mafia style, more precisely – the property of the Kučan clan.

That’s probably why (I firmly believe this myself, but I’m not the only one!) they shot Mr. Danilo Slivnik. We must not forget that with his departure, the author of the book Kučanov klan went to eternity. Whoever he was, if we had a Slovenian Pulitzer, Mr. Danilo Slivnik should have received it first – the first in independent Slovenia.

But no, where some! Let’s see who all receives journalistic or media awards! Ours, of course, Kučan’s. What a coincidence, so to speak, people from the Kučan clan. The media mafia on national – so horrible, just “fucking” public mafia – television, on RTV Slovenia. Still, with “Šraufenziger’s” “Mišika” vred, deep in Yugoslav self-governance. With many experts who uncritically adapted to the false media profession of the Fdvjev party (Kučan) bureaucracy, but not to the part of the democratic media academic elite. The rare representatives of these, the rebels, have almost disappeared. There are even fewer of them than there were in Tito’s bloody Yugoslavia. Almost all of them died – killed, drunk out of desperation, abroad. However, some of them were forced by the udba into ovadu work, so that some of them failed quite sadly, while others – even more sadly – failed at various fringe dailies, weeklies, and on portals. Maybe two of them are also on the “national team”.

The article is in Slovenian

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