The first favorites are France and England, Slovenia in second last place

From 2016 onwards, 24 national teams, or almost half of Europe, have participated in the European championships. Before that, there were 16 teams at the EPs in the final tournaments. Photo: BoBo/Borut Živulović

Slovenia has a quota of 251 to win the European Championship and is tied with Slovakia for the penultimate place. It is interesting that Ukraine, Poland and Greece have the same quota, which are not yet qualified for the European Championship and will have to earn their ticket in the playoffs of the League of Nations.

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Bookmakers have attributed the role of the first EP favorites in Germany to France and England, which have a quota of 4.5. Germany (7), Spain (8) and Portugal (9) follow. Three national teams have a quota of 17. They are the Netherlands, Belgium and defending champion Italy. Croatia and Denmark complete the top ten with a quota of 34.

Turkey, Serbia and Switzerland have a quota for final success of 67. Next are our neighbors Austria and Hungary with a quota of 81, which Scotland also has. The Czechs, who will play at the eighth European Championship in a row, have been assigned a quota of 151, and Romania a quota of 201.

Slovenia and Slovakia follow with a quota of 251, while Albania has the lowest – 501, although it is in the second quality drum for the draw.

The group draw will be 2. in December in Hamburg. It will be broadcast from 18:00 onwards on TV SLO 2 and MMC.

If we were to look only at the betting odds, the most favorable group for Slovenia would be the one with Belgium (first drum), Albania (second drum) and to the qualifiers from Group C of the League of Nations (fourth drum), where they will fight for a ticket competed Greece, Georgia, Luxembourg and Kazakhstan.

And the toughest group according to the bookmakers’ odds? France/England (first drum), Denmark (second drum) and Italy (fourth drum).

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