The Lord called him while he was sitting in the confessional

The Lord called him while he was sitting in the confessional
The Lord called him while he was sitting in the confessional

At the age of 89, Štefan Babič, a spiritual assistant in Mengš, said goodbye to earthly life. The Lord called him to himself when he was sitting in the confessional yesterday evening before Holy Mass. The funeral will take place tomorrow at 3 pm in Mengš.

Štefan Babič was the eighth child in a family where religion was always at the forefront. He attended high school in Kranj, graduated in 1956 and then entered theology. In his first year, he was conscripted into the army in Samobor and then in Skopje. In 1961, Archbishop Anton Vovk ordained him a priest in the Ljubljana Cathedral. His New Mass motto was “My Lord and my God”.

He began his priestly career as a spiritual assistant in Borovnica (1961-1962), and then served three years as a chaplain in Črnomlje (1962-1965). Then he went to be a pastor in Mengeš. Among other things, he was the dean of the Deanery of Domžale – Moravče (1973-1987), a member of the Priestly Council of the Archdiocese of Ljubljana and a member of the Commission for Clergy at JŠK.

Debts and a dilapidated church and rectory awaited him in Lesce

In 1982, he came to Lesce as a pastor, where he was awaited by debts, a dilapidated church and rectory. With his own zeal, he undertook the restoration as well as the revitalization of religious life. He introduced parish pilgrimages, on his initiative a children’s choir came to life, a mixed choir was strengthened, and he also introduced various exhibitions of local artists. With the cooperation and countless hours of parishioners, he managed to restore the exterior and interior of the church, in which experts and craftsmen also participated. You can read more about it here.

He celebrated the Golden Mass on July 2, 2011. In the same year, he was transferred and on August 1, he began the work of a spiritual assistant in Mengš. On July 4, 2021, he offered a pearl mass in Mengš.

An all-round inspirer

For many years, he himself successfully taught religious education and led related activities. A group of knockers worked, there was never a shortage of ministers, and a new priest came out of the parish. He showed believers the way to books and inspired them to read the church press. He was one of the initiators of erecting a monument to Janez Krstnik Prešeren in Hraše, a monument to Jože Balant on the Leš bell tower, a memorial plaque to Mirko Kunčič at Hkavec in Lesce, and a monument to all the fallen in the cemetery.

Recognition of the local community

In 2007, the local community of Lesca wrote about him when awarding him a recognition for his long-term work: “Mr. Babič is a prominent historian, patriot, philanthropist, a good owner, sensitive to helping those in need, an encourager of local artists, a good spiritual father to our believers, a connoisseur of cultural heritage.” For almost 30 years of self-sacrificing priestly work as a priest in Lesce, and on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Mass, he also received recognition from the Radovlji municipality.

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