The “foreign” thanks impressed the former president

The “foreign” thanks impressed the former president
The “foreign” thanks impressed the former president

The traditional graduation dance of the Slovenian high school from Klagenfurt took place in Vrbi na Koroškem on Saturday. Among the graduates this year is Alessandro Marangon from Koprivne, otherwise a former student of the primary school of Fran Erjavec from Štandrež and the lower secondary school of Ivan Trink from Gorica. He invited four of his former classmates from Štandrež and Števerjan to the festive event, and together with them, before the start of the evening, in the corridor in front of the hall, he randomly met and addressed the former President of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, who was the guest of honor at this year’s prom.

Pahor enthusiastically summarized the meeting on his Instagram profile. “The graduating students of the Celova Federal High School and the Federal Real High School for Slovenians invited me to their traditional annual dance in Vrbo in Carinthia. Almost a thousand people were in a great mood, me too,” wrote Pahor, emphasizing that it was the young Slovenes from Gorizia who were the “winners” of the evening. “They asked me for a photo, and one of them thanked me for everything I did for the situation of Slovenians in Italy. For a 17-year-old boy to say this to me touched me deeply,” Borut Pahor wrote under his online post.

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