Hydraulic improvements for even better drinking water supply


Published: Tuesday, 21/11/2023 Rubric: THE ECONOMY Editorial office

A hydraulic improvement project means connecting water systems for a safe water supply.

In the late afternoon of yesterday, it was held in the Conference Hall of Komunale Sevnica presentation of the completion of the multi-year project “Hydraulic improvements in the municipality of Sevnica”.

The implementation of the project began in 2020, and the activities are being completed in the winter months of this year. Said project connects the water supply systems on the left and right banks of the Sava River and with that ensures a reliable supply of clean drinking water in the entire area of ​​the municipality of Sevniška. Unhindered access to drinking water is one of the important measures taken by the local community to reduce the negative impacts of increasingly unpredictable weather and climate change in the local environment.

They also gathered to watch a report on the progress of the construction of connecting the water systems on the left and right sides of the Sava river.

The water supply connection project took place in eight different sections in several areas of the municipality of Sevnica, thus the water supply connection between Šentjanž Krmel was arranged with the construction of a reservoir in Šentjanž, the water supply connection between Sevnica-Breg-Loka near Zidanem Most and Sevnica-Nova Gora on the section was arranged Log-Orle, where the pumping station was also arranged, the Zabukovje water supply connects with the Metni Vrh-Drožanje section, the Nova Gora water supply with the Preska-Lukovec section. The implementation of this large-scale project to ensure an uninterrupted supply of clean drinking water in the municipality of Sevniška was carried out with the support of European funds from the Cohesion Fund and funds from the state budget in the amount of slightly more than 4 million and 200 thousand euros.

He beautifully demonstrated the progress of the construction of the connecting backbone between the existing water mains on both banks of the Sava River reportage filmin which the director also gave an opinion on the importance of water supply Communal Sevnicawho manages the public water supply network, and the mayor Municipality of Sevnica Lucky Ocvirk as a representative of the investor. Both also addressed those present at yesterday’s presentation, where in addition to the municipal ones, there were presidents of local communities and management KŠTM.

“Water is a primary human need, just like food and more than clothing, but we don’t pay the most attention to it. Water is a commodity, but we rarely think about it because many times we open the tap and water always flows. It hardly happens in our municipality that we have major problems with water supply, both with quantity and quality, but it was not always like that. Komunala Sevnica took over management of the water supply systems in the area of ​​the entire municipality a decade or more ago. During that period, the Municipality of Sevnica prepared strategic plans for the regulation of water supply and various projects began to be implemented, gradually supplementing the water supply in various places. If in the past the share of households connected to public water supply was 30%, today it is more than 60%. There are only a few areas that have water supply regulated on the basis of village water supply systems, which, if they are properly maintained and arranged, should be used,” said the mayor, pointing to climate change and drought periods in which there may be problems with water supply, and they are following this in the municipality of Sevniška. At the same time, he also reminded of the importance of other communal services, which also affect the quality of living. He thanked Komunala Sevnica as the manager of the water supply systems and contractor for the construction of new water supply systems, representatives of local communities and water supply committees, and everyone else who contributed to the successful realization of the project – also by obtaining easement approvals. “This means that today citizens trust the public water supply system,” emphasized the first man of the Sevnik municipality.

The director of the Sevniška municipality spoke about the difficulty of providing public water supply in the municipality of Sevniška, which ranks 12th among all Slovenian municipalities in terms of surface area, and about the construction of new sections and connections to existing water supply systems Mitja Udovč. “Our basic task is to provide users with healthy and high-quality drinking water in sufficient quantities and undisturbed,” he said, and characterized the hydraulic improvements, which mean connecting the water supply systems to each other, as very important. In addition to laying pipes in the ground, the construction also included the construction of reservoirs (collectors for storing water). There are currently 55 of these in the municipality, while another one in Dolnji Brezovo will soon join the 18 connected water sources. “It is very important to realize that residents need to be given access to drinking water through infrastructure. Today, water flows from the well we have at Stilles, through Loga to the Orle reservoir and so on…” he emphasized the importance of ensuring access to drinking water in all seasons, especially in dry periods, through a carefully connected water supply system.

»The municipality of Sevnica is rich in water resources. It is important to protect them and treat them with care, knowing that our children will also use them, then their children and then all the generations that come after them. At the same time, thank you to everyone who contributed in any way to the realization of this exceptional project for the local community,” he concluded Ciril Dolinšek, who moderated the meeting.



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