You give more than you imagine | Municipality of Sevnica

You give more than you imagine | Municipality of Sevnica
You give more than you imagine | Municipality of Sevnica

The year is coming to an end and our thoughts go to those who could do with a little attention wanted to thank for all the good and beautiful things we have experienced together in the past year.

At KŠTM Sevnica, in Dožižalaj, TA Posavje, we have prepared for you this time as well a rich range of local products and unique experienceswith which you can thank your loved ones, friends, employees and colleagues for shared moments.

In a collective brand Sevnica Premium we have carefully and rigorously collected the best that the municipality of Sevnica has to offer in the field of gastronomy, handicrafts and experiences.

For the criteria, we focused on tradition, heritage and local raw materials.

Therefore, products marked with the KBZ Sevnica Premium certificate carry the message of knowledge, love for the native land and respect for the heritage of our places.

On our shelves you can also choose between a rich selection of wines from the wine-growing region of Posavje, chocolates, books, a calendar of the Municipality of Sevnica and other handicraft products.

For closed companies we are happy to organize unique experiences such as guided tastings in the Grajska Vinoteka or Kleti modre frankinje na Sevnica Castle,

festive guided tour of Sevnica and a tour of the newly renovated of the Kreutz barber and hairdressing salon, Night tour of the castle Sevnica and a meeting with Countess Mathilde and much more.

You can also make a donation for guided experiences gift certificate.

We arrange the gift for you personally or pack it in gift packaging.

For additional information and orders, we are available at [email protected], colleagues

Alenka on 051 680 288 and Carmen on 051 680 287. If desired, we will call you and present the offer to you face to face.

We will be glad if you will selected and supported locally.

Source: KŠTM Sevnica

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