The financial crisis of the University of Ljubljana – Work

The financial crisis of the University of Ljubljana – Work
The financial crisis of the University of Ljubljana – Work

The 3rd regular meeting of the Council of the UKCL Institute was held yesterday. As announced by UKC, the focus was on the report on operations from January to September 2023 with a detailed analysis of the impacts and already implemented measures to improve operations.

UKC Ljubljana recorded a 32.2 million euro surplus of expenses over revenues in the nine-month period. “From the business analysis, it follows that the existing way of accounting for medical services does not allow the balanced operation of a tertiary institution, which is faced with a high burden of treating emergency cases, which occupy around 38 percent of the bed capacity at the two largest clinics (Internal Medicine and Surgery). At the same time, as a tertiary institution with the same capabilities, UKCL is responsible for the implementation of the entire transplantation activity and the provision of the most difficult tertiary services in the Slovenian area,” announced UKCL, where the closure of 1/8 of the hospital due to renovation makes it even more difficult for them to operate.

The UKCL Expert Council was informed of the business analysis, which supported the efforts of the institute’s management to systematically organize long-term balanced business and create conditions for the further development of the medical profession in Slovenia.

Today, the general manager Mark South he is in a hurry with the Minister of Health, and the latter will make a statement to the public after the meeting with him and the management of UKC Maribor.

Agenda of the 3rd session:

  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the 2nd regular meeting of the board of the UKC Ljubljana Institute, dated 25 October 2023.
  2. Business Report 1-9 2023.
  3. Queues 1-9 2023.
  4. Monthly report on the implementation of investments and assessment of the timeline of ongoing investments.
  5. Presentation of the Internal Audit Service (annual work plan for 2024) and presentation of the final report on the KIR audit.
  6. Consideration of applications for the issuance of consent to a civil servant for placement in a salary class that is higher than the salary class of the position.
  7. Timetable of proceedings at the meetings of the Institute’s Council (“Financial Calendar”).
  8. Information, initiatives and questions.

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