Slovenian schoolchildren received an eTorbo: they no longer study only at their desks

Slovenian schoolchildren received an eTorbo: they no longer study only at their desks
Slovenian schoolchildren received an eTorbo: they no longer study only at their desks

“We know that teachers often use interactive and multimedia content in lessons, mainly for motivation, illustration and reinforcement. We know that today’s students no longer only learn at a desk, with a pencil in hand and a notebook in front of them, but their transfers learning to buses, trains, parks – and especially to phones. That’s why it’s important to prepare quality learning content and services that will help them to learn effectively also with the help of electronic learning resources – so they will not only gain knowledge “ the purpose of the platform is described by dr. Mirjam Oblak from the Department for Digitization at the Ministry of Education.

The vision of the portal is that all electronic learning materials important to students are collected in one place, and their use is possible with one user account. Logging into the portal is not required, but is recommended, as it allows you to use functionality such as saving task solutions, adding bookmarks, and more. “I believe that with the help of the portal we will multiply knowledge and understand even better the advantages of multimedia learning. With every paragraph we read, with every video we watch, with every task we solve and with every thought we share , we have new opportunities for growth,” the Minister of Education thinks about the establishment of the portal Darja Felda.

Modern electronic learning materials in step with the times

Digital technologies bring many challenges to the field of education, as well as new opportunities and ways of learning, according to the ministry. The multimedia principle states that we learn more effectively if we connect images and words, which is especially evident with animations and videos. Along with multimedia, the advantage of electronic learning resources is also shown in their ability to adapt (users can change the font size, typography, spacing and even the complexity of the content), and in the immediacy of feedback.

The project was financed by the European Union and the Ministry of Education in the amount of 1.65 million euros. The project was implemented in 2022 and 2023, namely in a consortium of the Ministry of Education (MVI), the Institute of Information Sciences (IZUM) and the Academic Research Network of Slovenia (ARNES). Its purpose is to improve the learning process based on the use of innovative approaches and greater use of the opportunities offered by modern technology in the education process. Such a learning process contributes to greater motivation and activation of pupils and students, and enables teachers to use high-quality electronic content, the ministry claims. The aim of the project is therefore to improve the competences of young people and the qualifications of pedagogues through greater use of modern technology in teaching and learning.

As part of the project, not only the eTorba portal was developed, but 31 existing e-textbooks and five existing e-materials were upgraded, and four new e-textbooks were developed in cooperation with various publishing houses for testing new pedagogical models, the ministry states . Students and teachers learn using the eReader, which works within the portal and offers flexibility of learning content depending on the size of the screen and the individual needs of the individual. All electronic textbooks are submitted to the textbook certification process at the Professional Council of the Republic of Slovenia for General Education. In the future, the range of materials on the portal will be further enriched, and new functionalities are already being developed for even more effective learning and teaching – both in the eReader and in the eEditor, a tool for creating electronic learning resources. The eTorba portal lays the foundation for the further development of both electronic resources and methods of learning and teaching with them, the ministry says.

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