Gorenjski glas | The loan season is over

Gorenjski glas | The loan season is over
Gorenjski glas | The loan season is over

Kamnik This year’s electric bike rental season in Kamnik ended last week. Kamkola was used by 145 active users in the fifth season of operation, who rented the bikes 4,203 times. Users use the system most in the warmer months, from June to September. This year, the largest loan, 58, was recorded on June 19.

There are 45 bicycles available in the system at nine stations. The station next to the Kamniki bus station is the most visited, where 644 rentals were collected this year, and the newly built station at Zgornje Perovo also received a good response. In its first season of operation, the station is in second place in terms of the total number of rentals. According to the data, the installation of the Kamkolo rental station at the aforementioned location was necessary, as the area of ​​Zgornje Perov is not connected to public transport, the municipal administration said at Kamniki.

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