The “activist” Valerija Podgornik has not been employed in the Krsko nursing home for several years


Non-governmental organization activist Valerija Podgornik, from whom no NGO has yet distanced herself. (source: web)

Several records were found on social networks that Valerija Podgornik is employed at the Home for Senior Citizens (DSO) in Krško and that last week, at the time of the confiscation of 23 head of cattle on the farm Možgan from Leskovac near Krško, she was said to be in the sick stock.

We checked the records with the management of DSO Krško, from where they informed us: “The mentioned lady has not been employed by us for more than 6 years.”

Valerija Podgornik participated in the illegal confiscation, she appropriated one of the cows, and then announced on Facebook that she was aware of the intended illegal confiscation “last Friday”. It is also clear from her FB post that she was also the applicant.

The collection then took place on Tuesday, November 14, 2023. It was led by a veterinary inspector Danuša Štiglic, selected Roberta Golob as director of the Office for Safe Food, which the veterinarians resisted, so this appointment did not take place.


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