Exhibition Where is the after? Nika Erik Neubauer in the Glass Atrium of the City Hall

Exhibition Where is the after? Nika Erik Neubauer in the Glass Atrium of the City Hall
Exhibition Where is the after? Nika Erik Neubauer in the Glass Atrium of the City Hall

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“Where’s the after?” Protest photo from the time of covid

After the exhibition in the Museum of Recent and Contemporary History of Slovenia, Neubauer’s photographs of protests of various initiatives and social groups that took place in Slovenia between 2020 and 2022, v enigmatic time anti-coronavirus measures and previously unknown conditions. Curator at the Museum of Recent and Contemporary History of Slovenia Tina Fortič Jakopić it is wrote at the exhibition: The recent period of the pandemic will certainly reverberate in historical reviews and deserves to be thoroughly studied and recorded. Neubauer’s photos of the protests immediately after the first posts on social networks left a great impression and attracted attention. Not just because of the insightful content, bold ones experimental framing, but also because of a specific personal visual poetics. With a series of protest photos it is strikingly connected the events of the last highly unusual period of ours reality and skillfully recorded the people’s reaction to events, changes, fear and the unknown. His photographs of protests both faithfully document and record collective memory, while explicitly allowing the subjects depicted to tell their individual stories, often in moments of situational humor as well as sadness, worry, anger and raw violence.

Nick Erik Neubauer (1994) it is visual artist and photographer from Ljubljana. In his work, he uses a modern documentary approach to deal with intimate social issues of our everyday life. Graduated it is from the photograph in the Department for photography from VIST (2017) and a master’s degree from the Academy for fine arts and design in Ljubljana (2021). He is a multiple winner of the Rovinj competition Photodays (2018, 2020). In 2021 it is was nominated for Leica Oscar Barnack Newcomer Awardmagazine GUP Magazine, however it is at the selection Fresh Eyes ranked among the most promising European photographers. In the same year it is received the keeper award for outstanding achievements in journalistic photography. His book When you go south, you always cry twice it is was selected for the best belfast book Photo Festival 2022. In 2023 it is was nominated for the OHO award, the central national award for young visual artists, his second book Where it is after?which it is published by the Museum of Recent and Contemporary History, however it is shortlisted for the photography festival in Arles (Les Rencontres d’Arles).

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Monday, November 20, at 6 p.m., next to the exhibition it is a specific exhibition publication was also published, which combines elements of the exhibition catalog and the author’s photo book. Exhibition it is created in cooperation between the author and the Museum of Recent and Contemporary History of Slovenia.

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