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Yesterday, while descending from Triglav over Prague, a foreign citizen died, she fell and then died of serious injuries.

Five accidents occurred in the Slovenian mountains yesterday, which led to the intervention of the police helicopter crew with the on-duty mountain rescue team and mountain rescuers. The worst happened in the area of ​​Triglav. Planinka, otherwise a foreign citizen, was so injured when she fell while descending over Prague that she died at the scene.

She slipped

As announced by the Police Administration (PU) Kranj, the accident happened to a mountaineer, an adult citizen of Switzerland, around 4:00 p.m. on the way from Triglav to Prague. According to the collected information, she slipped and fell over a rock jump into the deep. The deceased was properly equipped.

They were looking for a missing person, rescuing hikers

Already in the morning, it was necessary to rescue a hiker in the Brane area, she had health problems, and then the rescuers were informed about a missing person in the Bohinj mountains, but the rescue was not necessary because the person came forward by himself. At noon, the rescue day continued in the Sušec gorge, where a foreign citizen was injured while climbing the gorge. In the middle of the afternoon, the rescue of a hiker who injured his leg while descending Špik was also successful. Late in the afternoon, the helicopter team and mountain rescuers also intervened in Triglav’s north face, where two uninjured alpinists were stuck. From the website of the Administration for Protection and Rescue of the Republic of Slovenia, it can be seen that mountain rescuers – but not the helicopter – also rescued a mountaineer in the afternoon who injured his ankle while descending from Brane towards Podvežak.

“There were a lot of people in the mountains today, and given the good weather, a greatly increased number of visitors is expected tomorrow as well. Therefore, we once again urge hikers to be careful and to take care of their safety at all times. Every step, every movement, every decision is important. Be responsible and take care of yourself,” asked the Kranj police officers.
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