This was said by the father of a 23-year-old man who drove into the crowd in Zagreb


The father of the 23-year-old driver who drove into the crowd is horrified.

Father of a 23-year-old driver Jan Ehrlich, who crashed into a car and people in the parking lot of the Supernova shopping center in Zagreb last night, commented on the incident in which five people were injured for the Index portal.

He is the driver’s father Janko Ehrlich-Zdvořák, President of the Association of Spinal Injuries in Zagreb and member of the Brotherhood of the Croatian Dragon. Ehrlich-Zdvořák is disabled. In 1982, he jumped headfirst into Jarun, hit the bottom and injured his spinal cord. He has been in a wheelchair ever since.

“My son got a ticket for speeding, but this has never happened before,” commented the driver’s father. He said his son is currently with the police. When asked where he got his expensive and powerful Mercedes, since he is a student, Ehrlich-Zdvořák says that he paid for part of it, and his son paid for part of it. “He buys and sells cars, that’s how he saves. He studies, but he does it on the side.”

The Zagreb police have started an investigation into a 23-year-old man who yesterday crashed into three pedestrians and a car in the parking lot of the Supernova shopping center with a Mercedes, in which two other people were injured. As the police announced this morning, three people were seriously injured, while two were slightly injured.

In the meantime, recordings made during and after the event are spreading on the Internet. One of them shows the driver sitting in the wrecked Mercedes immediately after the collision. Two injured people in another car and a man lying on the ground can be seen. Panic arose, a large group of people gathered around the car.

In another video, the driver can be seen getting out of the car, approaching one of the victims on the ground and holding his head. He walks up and down, again holding his head as people around him try to help the victims.

Zagreb, Mercedes on foot

Last night


Terrifying: In Zagreb with a Mercedes between pedestrians

Traffic Police

Traffic Police



Attention, police officers in a surveillance marathon. Tonight!

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