When will the new municipal spatial plan (OPN) be adopted?


Municipal councilor Matija Podjed (LMS) asked the municipal administration a question regarding the adoption of the new municipal spatial plan.

Matija Podjed (LMS): A large number of tourism and economic initiatives for the development of Kamnik have accumulated, which are awaiting the municipal detailed plan (OPN). When can we expect to receive the new OPN?
On behalf of the municipal administration, the answer was prepared by dr. Marija Tadeja Ježek, undersecretary – head of the Spatial Planning Department:

Due to the reorganization of the ministries and thus the change in the procedure for admission or amendment of spatial acts, the planned procedure for preparing changes and additions to the act was extended from the originally planned one. Regardless of this several-month complication or delay, we are in connection with the acceptance of changes and additions to OPN no. 2 is currently in the phase of obtaining other (and at the same time final) opinions from spatial planning authorities.

On the basis of Article 41 of the Spatial Planning Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, no. 199/21 and 18/23 – ZDU-1O), the Ministry of Natural Resources and Spatial Planning, on 4 May 2023, published a new list of national bodies responsible for spatial planning , which participate in the procedures for the preparation of spatial acts and in the procedures of state spatial planning. In the process of preparing changes and additions to the OPN, it was necessary to take the list into account, namely by asking for an opinion from nine current spatial planning authorities.

There are currently 276 development initiatives in the process of amendments and additions to the OPN, namely 186 expansion of building land, 44 exemptions from building land and 46 others. After receiving all other (or final) opinions, they will be reviewed and in the event that all zoning authorities are positive about the proposed content, the act will be adopted by the Municipal Council. The municipal administration will do everything in its power to ensure that the OPN is adopted this year.

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