The man from Maribor will represent Slovenia at the first European sex championship

The man from Maribor will represent Slovenia at the first European sex championship
The man from Maribor will represent Slovenia at the first European sex championship

Sex has officially become a sport, Slovenia is sending a man from Maribor to the first European Championship.

Sweden has become the first country to officially recognize sex as a sport. The Swedish Sex Federation is now organizing the first European Sex Championship to be held in June 2023 near Gothenburg. 20 representatives from various European countries will participate in the competition, including Slovenia, which will be represented by a Maribor resident. the portal reports.

The Swedish Sexual Union was convinced that it was only a matter of time before sex became a sport, as it represents the satisfaction of psychological and physical needs. Sex brings physical changes and contributes to mental and physical well-being. Like any other sport, it also requires training and competition, the president of the Swedish Sexual Union explained to Metropolitan, Dragan Bratić.

The sex competition will take place over several weeks, where contestants will compete in 16 disciplines. Competitors will gain points, which will be awarded both by the audience and the commission. They emphasize that sex as a sport is the first in which the opponent must receive a huge dose of pleasure, because his displeasure is the key to victory.

The rules of the competition allow you to choose an opponent, and the goal is to be chosen as an opponent. Contestants are eliminated from the competition if they do not gain any points, and the worst two contestants are eliminated after seven days, with new contestants entering.

Sex as a sport opens up opportunities for everyone regardless of sexual orientation or gender. The rules of the competition will probably continue to change over the years, as it is a project that will be upgraded according to observations and needs.

Mental training and support from experts such as psychologists or sexologists is also important when preparing for the competition. Psychological preparation is key to handling pressure and achieving success at the elite level of competition.

Slovenia will be represented by a Maribor resident

Slovenian judges have already decided that he will represent Slovenia at the first European sex competition Mister Riddlea Slovenian creator of pornographic content from Maribor, known for his mask, which he never takes off.

Currently, Mr. Riddle is in Budapest preparing for the competition. Its preparation includes the recording of pornographic content.

Mister Riddle admitted to the online media is a bit of trepidation, but I enter the championship prepared and with a lot of confidence, namely I have been working and recording as a creator of adult content for a good yeare.”

Selected based on audience and judges’ ratings

The Slovenian representative at the competition is selected based on the evaluation of the audience and judges. This is a historic opportunity for Slovenia, as we will participate in the first competition of its kind.

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