Daily horoscope for Friday, September 23, 2022

Daily horoscope for Friday, September 23, 2022
Daily horoscope for Friday, September 23, 2022

It will be important to build relationships with people who will shower you with affection.

You will enjoy playfulness and spontaneity and will easily get along with more complex individuals. You will highlight real needs. On an instinctive level, you may feel the need to lead others. You will want to feel that you are in control of the situations that surround you. (Source: Horoskop.si)

You will find yourself at the crossroads of family and work matters. You obviously haven’t completely forgotten and cleared up something yet, although you act as if nothing has touched you in the past.

Don’t be nervous about the obstacles you will encounter in the morning when the moon is still in Leo. Stay calm and dig deep within yourself, the solution is not as far away as it may seem.

Although more responsibilities fall into your lap, you will do your best. You will finally get rid of the burden and breathe easier, especially if you have a mountain of chores waiting for you.

Due to the transit of the moon into Virgo, you skillfully avoid talking about difficult topics that can lead to difficult conflicts. You have to accept that others are also willing to make sacrifices.

By sincerely praising you, one of your colleagues will encourage you to implement the most daring ideas and to embark on something new. There will be no envy this time, so you can trust.

If you decide to have a longer working day today, it will be a great idea, as the moon moves into Virgo in the morning and awakens persistence and the feeling that everything must be completed.

Although you recently agreed on something in the career field, you will no longer like the whole thing. Be careful, because the problems you cause by excessive work that leads to stress are repeated.

An unexpected event will turn love plans upside down. Don’t be surprised if you experience a little panic that may make you temporarily retreat.

It’s time to do something more, especially in the emotional realm. When you start responding directly, you may panic for a moment, because you will no longer be so sure of yourself.

In the emotional realm, you will focus on composing a more passionate story. Someone will be extremely sympathetic to you, so don’t worry that your suggestions won’t be well received.

Turbulent moments are coming, which will become more and more intense if you don’t face them. Do not expose yourself where you are not asked or expected.

Make more effort than usual regarding an agreement that is important and necessary for you, as long as you want to move a step higher in the field of career in the near future.

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