Those born in these three astrological signs are best friends


In principle, it is true that those born in a certain astrological sign are best matched with someone whose sign is ruled by the same element. For example, fish ruled by water get along best with Cancers and Scorpions, as they are also water signs. Earthlings match with earthlings, airy ones feel best in the company of airy ones, and fiery ones with fiery ones.

In principle. Because among all the signs of the zodiac, there are three that possess qualities that make them get along perfectly with all the signs. And not only that, those who have them in their inner circle must admit that they are really true friends.

They provide support, are reliable, compassionate, dedicated, loving and also, when necessary, frank and realistic.

See if you are one of them or if you have a friend who was born in one of them.


There is never boredom in the company of a Sagittarius. He will take you to places you have not yet known, introduce you to customs that are foreign to you, introduce you to interesting people and expand your horizons in other ways.

If you want to have fun, shooter is the right address. But not only when things are fun. Although sometimes it really looks like he doesn’t care about the other, the shooter will be by your side even when dark clouds start to gather in the sky.

He truly cares about the people he loves, he is there when it’s hard and stands by with words and actions, trying to help out of every embarrassment, no matter how big it is. Because of his ingenuity, the help of a person born under this sign is usually effective.

The positive energy of Sagittarius is practically contagious. When he senses that you are sad (yes, he can do that) he will do anything to cheer you up. He makes you a better person in every way, and that’s what makes a Sagittarius a friend you don’t want to lose.

Sagittarius always makes for fun. PHOTO: Ridofranz/Gettyimages


On the ground floor, Libra knows how to calm things down. With its calming energy, it brings a state of zen into even chaotic days. He approaches everything calmly and does not push his head through the wall.

He always thinks logically, acts elegantly and manages well even in a bad situation.

When things don’t go according to plan, Libra will show you that everything has two sides and will shift your attention to the more beautiful one.

She may not really solve your problems for you, but thanks to her, you will look at them from a different point of view, and at the same time, she will make sure that the stress disappears.

Those born under this sign really only want those they love to be happy. They are full of empathy and sincerely rejoice in the victories of their loved ones. False friends are envious and jealous, Libras never are.

Friends’ happiness is their happiness, they don’t judge anyone, they don’t criticize decisions and they don’t preach when someone makes wrong ones.

Libras do not judge by clothes, property and social status, they are peaceful, conciliatory and you can trust them with everything that is on your mind without hesitation.

Libra knows how to shift attention to the bright side of the coin. PHOTO: Digital Vision/Gettyimages


Those born under the sign of Cancer are love and care personified. Cancers spoil the people they love and always take care of them.

They have an amazing sixth sense and if a Cancer senses that you are sad or worried, they will call you and ask what is bothering you.

You will never be lonely with a Cancer, he knows how to put himself in other people’s shoes and he will never allow anyone to hurt or offend the people he loves.

Cancer is a friend for life. Even if your paths diverge, he will always be just a call away, ready to listen, understand and help as much as he can.

Cancer is always ready to listen and help as much as it can. PHOTO: Jacoblund/Gettyimages

Cancer is always ready to listen and help as much as it can. PHOTO: Jacoblund/Gettyimages

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